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About the Project

Music has evolved. Alan Fraze talks about this evolution with a symbol. Rather than hieroglyphics to modern language, his language is LP music to digital sound. Fraze left the corporate world to pursue his passion in Electronic Dance Music in November 2011 and released his first podcast, titled “128BPM Evolution.” The name references the constantly evolving technology and sound of electronic dance music. The podcast focuses on mixing minimal, techno and tech house with the occasional progressive/electro house track for a well-rounded, yet hard-hitting sound. 

Since publishing his work with
accompanying logo, Alan has gained a substantial fan base with over 135,000 followers on Facebook. He now travels world-wide and has 9 iTunes albums and 13 Beatport EPs available for purchase. Selections from Alan’s catalogue have also graced Beatport’s”10 Must Tech House Tracks.” 

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