Campus Banners
Kansas State University has a distinct heritage as the first land-grant university. Campus buildings are adorned with local limestone and compose the collegiate environment among a prairie landscape. Nine, colorful banners repeat throughout forty locations to express the University's cultural foundation and liven up Mid Campus Drive. Key ideas such as art, agriculture and various collegiate activities are brought forth to remind students what this place is all about.

Kansas State University Campus Banners  |  Abagail Pumphrey


The Bill Synder Show Set
The show airs weekly during football season on Fox Sports Network. Bill Snyder, the head football coach for Kansas State University, gives weekly highlights as well as narrates game clips. In the 2012 season, Snyder led the team to their first Big XII Championship since 2003 and their first seeding as BCS Number 1 ranking. The 2012 season also included a set makeover for the show. A "news" type set was created to allow certain pieces to be repurposed for other shoots.

The Bill Synder Show Set Concept

The Bill Synder Show Set Concept

The Bill Synder Show Final Design

The Bill Synder Show Final Design

Studio A Set
This multipurpose set was designed to accommodate distinguished guests like the Kansas governor, state politicians and the president of Kansas State University. The design was conceptually illustrated using Photoshop. Then, a scale model was created alongside a build list that included necessary materials and construction documentation.

Studio A Set Design Concept

Studio A Set Design Concept

Studio A Final Set Design

Studio A Final Set Design


APDesign Viewbook
The College of Architecture, Planning and Design (APDesign) at Kansas State University continues to have highly ranked design programs. DesignIntelligence magazine ranked three of the college's programs among the Top 10 programs in the nation, and five among the Top 15, according to  "America's Best Architecture and Design Schools" issue. Top-notch programs consistently recruit new students into the program. This viewbook and accompanying tiered pages discuss the program options, career opportunities, and academic requirements. 

APDesign Viewbook

Government Fund Request
The College of Architecture, Planning and Design (APDesign) at Kansas State University has proven excellence. They are requesting an additional $5 Million in recurring base funding from state legislation, with a plan for matching funds on an annual basis. This 32-page publication was developed within a week's schedule to prepare for Governor Sam Brownback's visit to campus.

APDesign Funding

Perspectives Magazine
The articles included in this issue provide a look at some of the impactful research underway at Kansas State University. These ongoing efforts help preserve America's resources for future generations. With research covering clean air, clean water and clean energy Kansas State University is confident they will achieve their goal of becoming a Top 50 public research university by 2025. 

Perspective's Magazine  |  Abagail Pumphrey

Department of Physics
"Do you wonder how the world works? Find the answers at Kansas State University." Physicists like to ask questions and so do high school students. This oversize tri-fold brochure is meant to capture those high school juniors and seniors pondering their future in science, particularly Physics, and give them the answers they are seeking. Hand drawn elements are included throughout to appeal to the younger audience. The theme is carried throughout and is even expressed through infographics.

Department of Physics  |  Think Creative


Museum of Wonder
Explore an eclectic collection of K-State artifacts, curiosities and hidden treasures in celebration of the University's sesquicentennial. From postcards to ads to building banners, this exhibit was advertised over both large-scale and small-scale print pieces, as well as online. 

Museum of Wonder  |  Beach Museum of Art

The Ceramic Art of Yoshiro Ikeda
Revered as a teacher as well as an artist, Yoshiro Ikeda mentored generations of K-State undergraduate and graduate students who have become ceramics professionals across the country. As an educator, he has enjoyed a national reputation by receiving the top teaching award from the National Council of Education for the Ceramic Arts. Quiet Symmetry is a collection of his art spanning over 35 years. Ikeda's art demonstrates an extreme talent, immense attention to detail and subtle geometry throughout. A series of advertising, museum signage and a catalog were created.

Yoshiro Ikeda
Yoshiro Ikeda Catalog
Kansas State University


About the Project

For many years I served as the in-house designer for the Division of Marketing and Communications at Kansas State University. During my time collaborating with them I worked on hundreds of projects of every shape, size and purpose. Here lies a few of my favorites.

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