Podcast Tech Guide

We are so excited for you to make your appearance on The Strategy Hour! We can’t wait to share your awesomeness with our listeners. The audio quality of our show is of utmost importance to us so we can ensure that we provide an amazing experience for our listeners. At the time of our interview, we will meet you at www.thinkcreativecollective.com/zoom.

Here are a few tech guides that you will find helpful in preparation for our interview.

Use Your Best External Microphone

If you only have Apple earbuds with the inline microphone, make sure you hold the microphone while recording, otherwise it will rub against your clothing and cause a terrible scratching sound (no bueno). We do recommend you pick up one of these external microphones to insure top-notch listening experience (Amazon Prime for the win). 

Please Wear Headphones While Recording

You’ll absolutely need to wear headphones to avoid causing an echo in your track that will disrupt the show. Any will do. Never (ever, ever - T-Swift anyone?) use your built-in computer speakers (internal or external) on the call as this will cause echo. This echo will make it nearly impossible for listeners to understand you and is impossible to edit out in post.

Choose a Quiet Location to Record In

It’s important to find a quiet room to record in, preferably one without a lot of natural echo. If you have to record in your office, try to find an isolated room away from other people and foot traffic. If you can even hang a sign that says something like, “One a call! Do not disturb!!” We also suggest turning off any fans or white noise machines you might have in your workspace as most microphones will pick this up. It’s also a good call to place your cell phone in another room.

Internet Connection: Ethernet is Better than Wifi

Ethernet connections are better for video calls and more reliable than wifi. If you have the option, use an ethernet cable. Turn off Dropbox syncing and any other cloud or backup services that may take up bandwidth as they will degrade your  connection and cause lower quality or dropouts, which will make it hard for us to hear your lovely voice.

We can't wait for your interview!

In the mean time we'd love to hang out inside our private Facebook group or partying over on Instagram.