28 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Small Business Needs to Blog Better, Achieve goals and Grow Your List

If you’re anything like us you’ve been spending the last weeks of the year trying to strategize and plan for 2016 (in between present opening and cookie baking of course). Maybe you decided you really need to hit up blogging next year or you’d like to actually accomplish some big goals. Maybe you’re ready to tackle list growth with opt-ins or webinars but don’t know where to start. Well, we scoured our 150+ blog post archives and rounded up the best of the best to help you get focused, plan better, grow and have an overall amazing 2016. Here are the top 28 ridiculously useful tips you’ll need to get you there. 

Just in time for 2016. This is YOUR year | Think Creative Collective


Being intentional in our blogging has had tremendous effects on our list growth, audience feedback and of course your a-ha moments in business. We've got over 150 blog posts under our belt and we've seen the numbers to match our efforts. We're talking over 9k monthly visits and 18k monthly page views! When we say that if we can do this, so can you - we mean it! 

Goal Setting

We know exactly how it feels to feel like you're constantly spinning in the business hamster wheel. How about we make 2016 be the year when we check things off the to-do and not only do we make big dreams, but we crush them. Use the energy that a new year brings to propel you forward in making big changes in your business.

List Growth

Hands down, one of our biggest goals for 2016 is to continue our list growth. We made some serious strides in 2015 so we've got even bigger dreams for the new year. Heck, maybe you still need to figure out your email service provider so you can actually start collecting those precious emails! Whether you need guides to MailChimp, ideas for Opt-ins or you're looking to step it up with a webinar (our list doubles every time we host one!) we've got you covered.

Biz Chic Co-op

We'd be silly not to mention the one business resource we know will make a huge impact in your new year. We recently opened up the doors to our exclusive members only business toolbox, the Biz Chic Co-op. Read all about it and get inside! We've got specific goal planning and blog planning worksheets hidden inside for you just in time for 2016. 

Introducing Biz Chic Co-op, an exclusive members only business toolbox | Think Creative Collective

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