I'm Wondering

I want to run an idea by you or I have a question about my business, how can I get it answered?

These are best answered in our private Facebook community. It’s a place where not only we get to chime in, but so do thousands of other small business owners. You can join for free by clicking here.

Will you mentor or coach me?

We are so honored you would ask. Although we aren’t offering 1:1 coaching or mentoring services at this time there is a ton of value given out (for free) in our private Facebook group. You can join for free by clicking here.

I want to send you some #happymail - can I get your address?

We love Happy Mail! There’s a handy spot on the contact form that tells us you’d like our address. When we see that come through we’ll send it right over (just gotta make sure you’re not a robot first).

I have some nice words to say about something I bought from you or an experience I had with TCC, how can I share it?

Awwwwww, you’re so sweet! We love, love, love virtual Happy Mail too! Feel free to send us over a love note to hello@thinkcreativecollective.com with the subject line: “you’re the best!”.

Are you taking blog guest contributors?

Yes! We love seeing actionable and teaching content come to the blog. We know we’re not the experts in everything so we’d love to see what you can provide. Head over to our contributor page to fill out our form and our Blog Coordinator will get in touch with you.