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I have learned over the years that contrary to popular belief, people are more like you than you think. We would all like to think we are special, original, thought provoking and yes, funny, but let’s face it; we are more the same than we are different. We have similar struggles, similar tastes, similar life experiences, this all adds up and it is what makes us human. Still don’t believe me? Let’s take pop culture for instance, Harry Potter, you know the friendly fellow with the lightening bolt scar on his forehead. The Deathly Hallows Part 2 grossed more than $480 million opening weekend at the box office! Why is this significant, because you all saw it, maybe not in theatres, but you all saw at minimum 1 Harry Potter movie or bare bare minimum read 1 chapter of one of his books, thus proving we are all the same.

Blog Finds, Blog Legends and Insta-spiration  |  Think Creative

Ok, ok, mildly bad example. Like I was saying, more the same than not and there is nothing you can do about it, unless you can. Everyday there is something that drives you, for some of you it may be that fresh brewed cup of coffee, for others it may be hearing your toddler laugh. For me it is Beagle cuddles and a wet dog nose! Something gets you out of bed and makes it worth living. But sometimes that laugh and smile just don’t cut the cake and you need a little dose of inspiration.

Here is what has got me revved up lately. 

Favorite New Blogger to Follow – Elle & Company

Lauren Hooker, entrepreneur, blogger and designer, of Elle & Company inspires me daily. She posts very helpful content for bloggers and businesses every M-F, offers e-courses and lately has been doing a weekly #ellechat on twitter coving various topics. 

Some of my favorite posts are:

  1. 50 No Fluff Content-Rich Post Ideas
  2. 4 Secrets for Exponential Blog Growth
  3. 50 Motivating Quotes for Business and Blogging

Blogging Legends – Marie Forleo & Grace Bonney (i.e. B-School & Design*Sponge)

Really they need no introduction, but let me fill you in. 

Marie Forleo, founder of B-School, really knows her stuff! B-School is an 8 week, interactive video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence (source). Though I have not attended, her online content library is astounding, so definitely visit her website for hundreds of unbelievable goodies. 

Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge, has been around the block a time or two. Her amazing blog reaches over a million readers a day! She (and her team) post amazing content on design, diy, life, business and more.

Now imagine getting both these beautiful ladies in a room, IT HAPPENED! Marie interviews Grace on Marie TV in a super real interview of their past, how they navigated growth and change, burnout and several pieces of advice for new and seasoned professionals alike. 

Eye Candy – Instagramers Worth 1,000 Words

Sometimes words aren’t necessary. (Like right now.) P.S. Follow them and then me on Instagram!



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