Overwhelmed with All Your To-Dos? Feel Like the List Keeps Growing? You're Not Alone.

Are you ready to just give up? Are you looking up and all of a sudden it is 6 p.m. your dogs aren’t fed, dinner isn’t ready and you still have 10 things you wanted to complete today? Welcome to my life! Even though the days have come and gone of working 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day, I still struggle to make it all fit together. Emylee and I are on a mission to make business easier this year and processes are top of the list.

I have known for years there was a better way. In fact I have tried it with minimal success because I didn’t exactly make it a part of my lifestyle. It’s like dieting, you can do it for a week, but sometimes it isn’t just sustainable.

Overwhelmed with all your to dos? Feel like the list keeps growing? You're Not Alone.  |  Think Creative Collective

I wanted a tool to help me stay on task, streamline my day and make it easier to check things off my list. I have fallen victim, as I am sure many of you have, to making a to do list a mile long and then going nearly bat shit crazy when I managed to only get 3 or 4 things off of it. 

So now there is no long list. It doesn’t clutter my desk and it doesn’t give me anxiety. We have organized all our short and long term to dos as well as streamlined our client process using Wunderlist! And it has been nothing short of Wunderful!!! (And yes I intentionally spelled that wrong for all you grammar freaks).

That seems all well in good for the long list. But to get by on a day to day basis I need it on paper. I love the thrill of checking it off. AND THROWING IT AWAY when it is all DONE! After scouring the internet for hours I couldn’t find anything that I felt helped me organize my day, while being mindful of the fact that I own my business.

Full blown planners were too much of a commitment. 1. I would be lucky to whip it out once a week and 2. I absolutely can’t stand my handwriting, so looking at it for year at a time is not my thing.

So what do I use to keep this anxiety calm and my day organized? Enter my two favorite tools! The Daily Download is designed to make your two priorities for the day clear, concise, and easy to check off. This is how I utilize that worksheet and manage to get it all done! But friends, it isn’t just me who is in love with it.

I adore the Daily Download and don’t know what I would do without it! I use it daily and always have a couple tucked in my calendar!
— Kathryn H, Momma of 2 and Biz Owner

You can totally snag yours backstage inside our free resource library for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers!

While this worked awesome to mark some things off my list, I knew I needed a way to organize my whole day. Thus, the My Biz Daily was born. On this printable you can pick your 3 major focus areas. Give yourself a little grace and gratitude sighting why “today is going to be awesome”. Time block your whole day so you can give yourself limits on when you work on certain projects. Be mindful of where you are on major projects. Organize your next blog post, and check off when it is written, edited, prepped, and scheduled. Know how you are focusing on social media and check off when you have posted to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Groups. Throw a few small tasks into the mix for business and life. Take care of yourself, keep track of water and exercise. Leave room for notes. Capture epic ideas. And know what can wait until tomorrow. It’s an amazing powerhouse of productivity in one sheet. Print off enough sheets for the month, or heck the entire year, and see how much you get accomplished.

It would be very unlike us to make something we love to use and not share it with the world. So it is ready for you to organize your day and make it intentional. You can find it in the shop or you can find it amongst many other incredibly valuable tools for your business inside our Biz Chic Membership! We promise you won’t be disappointed!




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