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Working with a small business to build a brand is fabulous, but it is always extra special when it comes with a family legacy to boot. Midwest natives Christine Sanders and Ginger Newman are passionate about pickles. Christine was raised on a steady diet of farm fresh meals in a traditional Italian family. Helping her mom with the annual harvest and preserving their bounties, she learned from the best. Ginger blames her pickle obsession on her parents who instilled her with true Southern roots. Often shooed from the kitchen, with the tick of the pressure cooker, her parents made pickles at home. Christine and Ginger both became a bit pickle obsessed, but think that everyone should eat delicious things. How can you deny recipes that have a heritage of more than 100 years?

Pickle Responsibly

Christine and Ginger believe in convenient, joyful snacking. They believe that food should be fun and natural. They know their customers want to know what’s in their food, so we tell them everything we know. They also believe in good deeds and that how they work matters. They believe in teamwork, fair wages, and true relationships with vendors and customers alike. They believe in family: yours, ours, those you are born with and those you choose. They believe in communities and strive to be part of making them better every day and in every way. Honestly, Christine and Ginger believe that wholesome pickles and natural snacks can make the world a friendlier, happier place.

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Developing Homegrown & Happy

When Christine and Ginger came to Think Creative Collective they wanted more out of their little pickle company. They wanted to share joy from their kitchen and put it on the table in homes across America. Capturing that attitude for life and zest joy was such a fun challenge. We look forward to watching this Kansas City based candidly coined “Pickle Shack” grow into a friendly food empire.

A Place to Call Home

Pickles are only the start. Christine and Ginger plan to expand their line beyond just the classic bread and butter. There website needed room to grow. Not only can you find “them” in stores across Kansas City, but you can learn more about these Pickle Pioneers.

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See Homegrown & Happy in action on their new website.

A Heart of Gold

Immediately after launch they were looking for ways to give back. Their HomeGrown Fundraising operation is about sharing in resources and success. It is about community, education and supporting Local Makers. And like everything else Homegrown & Happy stands for, it is about joy.  
HomeGrown Fundraising is a classic school or club fundraising model with an optional educational twist – Local Farmers and Makers are involved, offering an opportunity for educational interaction in the classroom or full lifecycle business lessons to be part of the program.

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