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23 Launch Mistakes Your Business Can’t Afford

Episode 134: Show Notes

Today we are going to be talking about the 23 launch mistakes that your business can’t afford to make. But before we get started, first and foremost, we want to encourage you to get into the mindset of treating every single thing in your business like a launch. Whether that’s an Instagram post, a blog post, creating a course, new brand colors – treat it like a launch. Because if you don’t treat it like a launch, it becomes one of those things that sits on your to-do list and doesn’t actually get done! As soon as you treat it like a launch, you will take the steps you need to in order to make it happen.

Today we are going to be talking about the 23 launch mistakes that your business can’t afford to make. But before we get started, first and foremost, we want to encourage you to get into the mindset of treating every single thing in your business like a launch. Whether that’s an Instagram post, a blog post, creating a course, new brand colors – treat it like a launch. Because if you don’t treat it like a launch, it becomes one of those things that sits on your to-do list and doesn’t actually get done! As soon as you treat it like a launch, you will take the steps you need to in order to make it happen.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

We have gone through the process of launching an obscene amount of times, and we have helped so many others do the same. Through these experiences we have noticed a pattern of common mistakes made throughout the launch process and today we want to share the top 23 mistakes we see happening in a launch. From aiming for perfection, to poor planning and promotion, or just not reaching out for support. There are small (and big) things we can do to maximize any launch and keep our sanity in the process! We believe in you and if you’re thinking about launching, you are in the process of launching, or you are just wondering how you can improve on your next launch – this episode is an absolute must!

The Number One Mistake People Make When Launching

First of all, you all are waiting for perfection and we’re here to tell you that it’s not going to happen! We want to give you permission to know that good is good enough. We have launched courses before even recording them and launched websites before the pages were all complete. The reason? You will never learn anything if you are waiting for perfection. So push it out!

The second mistake is that you’re trying to keep it a secret. Everyone should know about what you do in your business! If you are trying to create and grow a business, you have to tell people what is going on without being afraid of what they might think. So shout it from the rooftops all the time.

The third mistake is throwing money at a problem with the thought that it is going to get them somewhere huge. They will throw money at software or ads without doing the work first and understanding what needs to be put in place before they start investing money in things.

The fourth mistake is not thinking about who is supporting you in your business. People are so crucial to helping you run a business Who has your back? Who are you going to go through this journey with? Reach out to those people and keep them in the loop. You need human support, especially during launch time!

The fifth mistake is only telling people once. Every time you launch something, you need to put it out there and then put it out there again and again on different platforms or even the same platform. People do not see everything you put in front of their faces. Your audience might not be in your same zone! So don’t be afraid to repeat. Often times, people appreciate it.

Why You SHOULDN’T To Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket

The sixth mistake is putting all of your eggs in the same basket. Instead, you need to be telling people about your launch on all platforms. So, you put it out there on Instagram, but what about your blog, your email list and Facebook? It’s not about being “perfect” on all these platforms. It’s really just about showing up to where all of your people are. You don’t own Instagram. It could crash in a second! How can you diversify and go after people in different ways?

The seventh mistake is assuming people know what you’re offering. People don’t know what is going on in your brain. Don’t just assume that everybody knows that you’re a website designer, a graphic designer or a photographer. You have to continue to tell people how they can buy from you.

The eighth mistake is not spending enough time on your “Why?” We encourage you to really dig into your, “Why?” Why do people need your product or service? Why do you create it or offer it in the first place? What is the purpose? Ask questions beyond the surface stuff. Having this clarity will give you confidence in your business, product, service and even yourself!

The ninth mistake is staying in your bubble. People will often find their circle, the people they like to work with. They will get comfortable and not leave that bubble. Being around new people and places that have different types of businesses will give you a fresh perspective, keep new ideas and possibilities rolling and help your business to avoid staying stagnant. You need to constantly be learning, so get out of that comfort zone!


If you don’t have a goal, how will you know if you get there?
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You Can’t Just Have a Launch Plan: Putting A Dream In Action

The tenth mistake is not having a launch plan and a plan with deadlines. Part of treating everything like a launch is breaking everything down into tasks and giving them deadlines. Your big hopes and dreams will remain hopes and dreams if you don’t make a plan, break it down and put a due date on it. You have to hold yourself accountable, even if you need to do this publicly so you are forced to stick to your promise.

The eleventh mistake is having just one launch plan. You need to have two, or even three. What if a website crashes? What if your payment system goes offline? This has happened to us and we lost out on thousands of dollars because we had no plan B! Make sure you have a backup plan with the hope you’ll never have to use it!

The twelfth mistake is not making a big enough deal. We want you thinking that you are the shit. Whatever you are offering, whatever you made – the world needs it because it’s the best thing they’ve ever heard of. If you believe in that and you feel that to your core, other people will too.

The thirteenth is the mistake of bad timing. If you are planning a big launch – don’t do it the same weekend you are getting married or have a major deadline. People can sniff it out. They can sniff it out when you are stretched too thin and are not engaged. You need to be there for your community answering questions, emails and staying engaged. It will make the world of difference! You will literally make more money when you clear your schedule for a launch. Plus, it’s just better for your sanity. Period.

Live Promotion Versus Planned Promotion And How To Get Ahead

The fourteenth mistake is live promotion versus planned promotion. Launch time can be a stressful time but if you plan your promotion schedule, you will be far more at ease. So plan what, where and when  you are going to say and post - What’s the graphic? What’s the video or what’s the image? And what is the call to action? Batch those out before you’re going to go live. This will save you time, energy and, again, your sanity. Do this instead of scrolling through Instagram on the day of launch looking for something to post and wondering what the heck to say. This is bound to get you frazzled.

The fifteenth mistake is falling behind in your planning. It might seem like you have an unclear path so figure out beforehand where you want your customers to go. What is the process to getting them there? What needs to happen to warm them up so that they are ready when they come out on the other end? Do they need to read a blogpost or download an opt-in? Map it out so no one gets confused.

The sixteenth mistake is lacking personal support. We are talking about your family, friends and your personal circle. Tell these people when you are launching so they can support you and understand that you might be busy and stressed over a launch period. Make plans in your personal life to get it running as smoothly as possible so you can be fully focused on your launch and not an emotional wreck.

The seventeenth mistake is not setting intentions. What do you need from your launch? How many sales do you need? How many customers do you need? How many people do you need to opt-in? If you don’t have a goal, how will you know if you got there? Goals are always shifting, yes, but put a time-stamp on it. Sometimes you can’t guarantee a number but aim for one!

Self-Positivity And Being Your Own Cheerleader

The eighteenth mistake is not having self-positivity. Be your own cheerleader. You have to believe in yourself. Bad days will come, negativity will come – but know how to handle it. Know what you need to get you through those days. Whether it’s someone to talk to or an inspirational message – whatever it is that is going to help you stay positive.

The nineteenth mistake is not knowing how to manage the inevitable tweaks. Last minute changes are sure to come up and last minute changes, tend to have more mistakes. But you can also tweak for the better. Sometimes something urgent might come up that you didn’t plan for. You need to address what is most important to the overall vision rather than sticking to the plan you had that might not be needed for your audience. This is where having your schedule cleared up will come in handy!

The twentieth mistake is letting the fluster takeover. If you have to tweak the email, tweak the marketing message or throw in a last-minute pro-bono – that’s okay. Do what you can to stick to your deadline and get it done. If something goes wrong, don’t get flustered. Just complete the plan and after everything is done, you can go back and recap. Panic mode is not okay.

The twenty-first mistake is not doing a mock walkthrough. Every time we do a mock walkthrough of a launch, we find something that is broken. Whether that’s a broken link, a wrong image, a strange word in your confirmation email etc. You have to walk through your process like you are a customer so you know where people could get stuck and can them through it. There is so much tech and they are easy fixes, if you know the process.

Don’t Dream Small But Dream Realistic

The twenty-second mistake is not being realistic. We’re not saying dream small. We’re saying dream realistic with what you have and what you can give right now. We don’t want you to be down on yourself halfway through launch or after launch because you set yourself to reach a goal that was just not attainable.

Last but not least, number twenty-three: we don’t want you to think that a launch is going to make or break you. We don’t want you to feel like you’ve lost the world, or been defeated, or that it’s never going to work if it didn’t work the first time. No business, even ours, should ever rely on one launch for it to stay in business and that should be the same for you. If your launch makes or breaks you, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be one or the other, forever. No one launch has that much weight so don’t give it that weight.

Launching takes practice and you can learn from your launch to better grow your business. The more you do it, the better at it you will get. Yes, your first launch is bound to have some kinks but that’s no reason to never launch again. You won’t grow and you won’t learn if you don’t try.

So get out there and do it! It will only get easier. We want you to put your work out there into the world because, well, we believe in you!


  • Find out why the number one mistake people make when launching is aiming for perfection. [0:03:40.1]
  • Why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket and shout your launch from the rooftops! [0:09:45.1]
  • Understanding why you can’t just have one launch plan and how to put a dream into action. [0:14:17.1]
  • The difference between live promotion and planned promotion and how to get ahead by mapping. [0:22:30.1]
  • The importance of self-positivity, being your own cheerleader and staying calm. [0:30:30.1]
  • Learning not to dream small, but to dream realistic. Launching takes practice. [0:37:03.1]



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