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Episode 256: Show Notes

Today’s episode of The Strategy Hour is dedicated to YOU and your wonderful questions! We asked our Facebook Group to hit us up with all their questions on anything and everything, and we’re answering as many of those as we can today! We like to have these sessions from time to time because we owe so much to all of you, and what way better for giving back than a little bit of quality time, right?

Today’s episode of The Strategy Hour is dedicated to YOU and your wonderful questions! We asked our Facebook Group to hit us up with all their questions on anything and everything, and we’re answering as many of those as we can today!  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

During this discussion, we answer questions on dream businesses, meeting each other, pivoting careers, our hobbies, health, confidence, new businesses, calendars and much more. As usual we try to be as honest as possible and give you everything we’ve got, because we know how much that little push of inspiration or motivation can do to get you on the track to success. Some of the big takeaways from this episode are following your heart and finding your own path, being kind and peaceful to yourself in the face of disappointment, pushing through challenges and taking opportunities when they present themselves. These are strategies that have worked for us and we are sure they can work for you too!

What Does Our Dream Business Look Like?

Like many others, we both agree that a dream business is one where you can earn the most amount of money with the least effort. We already feel there are elements of a dream business  we are manifesting, but we still have a long way to go. Another big component of a dream business for us is how we feel about it, finding a sense of contentment and happiness with how our business is at any stage. This has a lot to do with mindset and both of us have struggled to find true contentment as we have grown and improved. Finding that feeling would almost be enough to feel like a dream come true.

What Would Life Would Be Like If We Never Met Each Other

It is hard for us to imagine what life would be like without having met each other and joined forces. Abagail would have most likely carried on with her work in design and could be running her own courses on certain platforms. She also could possibly have gone back to a real job! (Scary, we know!) There is no way either of us would have the audience we have today had it not been for this partnership and the scale of what we could be doing would be that much smaller and the impact that much less. The accountability we have given each other has done so much to build what we have and needless to say, if we had not met, things would just be so different!


Is your day to day what you imagined?
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How To Know If You Made The Right Choice Leaving Your Job

We would like to start answering this question by affirming that it is normal to have doubts and to question your choices. This in and of itself is not a need for concern. We still ask ourselves what we are doing from time to time and that is completely okay! If you have given up your prior career and are concerned about your choice maybe ask yourself if your day to day experience is what you imagined. Are you happy where you are and can you see the rewards for which you gave up everything else? In the end, it is only you that can decide if it was the right decision and in order to do this you need to be honest and kind to yourself.

Our Favorite Recharging Hobbies

We have had different stages of using different resources to get us back to our best. For a time listening to podcasts was helpful, reading blogs was another stage we both went through and meeting people for conversations has also been a tool in staying energized. You really just have to listen to what you think will make you feel your best. At the moment, Emylee has found that exercise is working well for her, and Abagail has been into more self-reflective work like journaling. It is rare to be at one hundred percent at all times but you can find ways that increase your productivity and creativity and remaining open to these is a definite way to stay on top of things. You do not have to be strict with yourself about what it is, let your body and soul lead the way to your best practices.

Advice For Entrepreneurs with Chronic Health Issues

The first thing we can say about this if you are struggling with any hindrances of this kind is this: if you can focus on creating a profit before anything else you will be doing well. Your business will be more rewarding and sustainable through times when you have less time and energy. Any chronic pain or health issue can be very challenging and it is vital give yourself grace and allow space for what you need. That being said, in order to have a successful business you may sometimes have to work when you don’t feel great. This can be extremely tough to do this, but at the same time, it can be distracting and invigorating. Remember, be mindful of your limits but do not be scared to push yourself that little bit, so that you can achieve your goals.

What Gives Us Confidence to Dance to The Beat of Our Own Drum?

Emylee believes she was just born with a defiant and contradictory nature that makes her want to prove everyone wrong and show what she can do on her own terms. Abagail feels she is more of a follower and is happy to follow proven paths. In these ways we might be different but that has not stopped us from doing things our own way when the time has asked for it. We believe in trying things that seem fun and exciting and putting your own spin on tried and tested recipes. In the end, it is your passion that gives you the energy to innovate and stand out, so find that and you can achieve almost anything!

Setting Goals for a New Business in The Middle of the Year

If you are just starting a business now you may feel like you are joining the game at half time. But at the same time it is not that hard to look at today as the beginning of the year. We know that the new year is great for planning and laying out goals, but there is literally no reason why you can’t make August or September the first month in your business’ calendar. That way you can make the third quarter the first and take it from there. Another way you could think about it is to imagine that the rest of this year as quarter zero and set your goals to achieve before the start of next year. Both of these are easy fixes for starting at an awkward time.

How to Divide Time Between Multiple Business

Here at TCC we do not have, and have not had, a full, 40 hour work week for a while. We have multiple pots on the stove but have spare time and flexible schedules we have created for this purpose. Our schedules are fluid in a way that suits our commitments and goals and so our weeks are rarely repetitive or boring. We also have our different businesses in different stages of development or growth, so while one is simmering away we can start cooking up a new one.  Some time ago, Abagail realized that there was really no need to think about the work week in the conventional way, and now she just works as much as she wants, when she wants. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, day time or late at night. This works for us and has allowed us to juggle the necessary balls to keep things going and exciting. All this being said, we want to emphasize that you really should not be starting a new business if what you have already is not sustainable, profitable and growing! Pick what needs attention and work on that until you are golden!

What Inspired Us to Create Our Business Together?

Well, of course, mostly because we really liked each other! We found out quite early on that we had the same big picture goals and that was when we started business dating! When we met we were in our own lanes, doing our thing, but we experienced a rare connection and saw the opportunity for shared success through combining our talents. We also saw that we did not want to be competitors and becoming each others contractors for about a year and half before officially joining forces really helped us transition into the beautiful business marriage we now have!


  • What Does Our Dream Business Look Like? [0:02:08.4]
  • What Would Life Would Be Like If We Never Met Each Other. [0:03:45.2]
  • How To Know If You Made The Right Choice Leaving Your Job. [0:06:18.9]
  • What Are Our Favorite Recharging Hobbies? [0:08:08.4]
  • Advice For Entrepreneurs With Chronic Health Issues. [0:11:35.8]
  • What Gives Us Confidence to Dance to The Beat of Our Own Drum? [0:13:59.6]
  • Setting Goals for a New Business in The Middle of the Year. [0:19:35.7]
  • How to Divide Time Between Multiple Business. [0:21:38.9]
  • What Inspired Us to Create Our Business Together? [0:26:53.4]



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