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Being a Premium Coach without Fancy Funnels or a Giant Email List with Jessica Yarbrough, The Mompreneur Coach

Being a Premium Coach Without Fancy Funnels or a Giant Email List with Jessica Yarbrough, The Mompreneur Coach

Episode 081: Show Notes

Today on the podcast we have Jessica Yarbrough, The Mompreneur Coach. Jessica is a successful entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business coach who helps other women create high-end coaching programs so they can create their own amazing enterprises.

Today on the podcast we have Jessica Yarbrough, The Mompreneur Coach. Jessica is a successful entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business coach who helps other women create high-end coaching programs so they can create their own amazing enterprises.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

We’re talking about how to shift your mindset to not only own your worth but charge the big bucks for your offers. We dive into talking about the best practices of whether you should charge hourly rates or bundle up your offers in premium, high-end packages. Jessica shares all about how she was able to build her six figure coaching business without fancy funnels, without a large email list, and without spending any money on ads. So you grass-roots people who think that a premium business with premium services and offerings is out of your reach if you’re not putting a whole bunch of money into it, we know you are really going to like this episode!

Owning Your Worth

For Jessica, owning your worth is about really being paid top dollar for the transformation that you are bringing to your clients’ lives. Rather than taking it from an hourly billable rate, break it down on a task by task basis. It’s about taking a step back and really looking at what the bigger picture is, what your client’s vision is, and how you are helping them reach that vision. It is more of a shift of perspective than anything else. When you have the right mindset but not the right structure, you are not going to be able to sell it. On the other hand, if you have the right structure but you do not believe that you are worth it deep down inside, you will still not be able to sell. It’s a combination of both. You have to really understand who your client is. If people see that you have a real solution to their problem, they will be willing to pay you pretty much whatever for it. When people pay you that kind of money, you bet they take you seriously, they treat you with respect, and they get the results they are looking for. The bottom line is, they show up because the more we pay someone for a service, the more we value it.

Finding Your Value

There are so many layers to finding your value in terms of not being able to really own a high-end price tag for your services. The root of it is deep-seated human programming, and it comes back to not feeling good or worthy enough. We have to go deeper into what those belief systems are, and be willing to ask the questions, “Is it really true? Do I really believe this?” and then try to reframe it. It’s not focusing on what you can’t do, but reframing it to what you can do instead. The biggest takeaway is just for women to understand that all of these thoughts that come up are just part of the human condition; every human has this. In order to break free from it, we have to walk through the fire. We have to trust and believe in ourselves and build a program around the transformation so we are not focusing on billing hourly or trading time for dollars.

Transitioning To Premium

First and foremost, Jessica says to take a step back and eliminate the 20 service packages that you have and start with one premium offer. Really drill down those details because when you start talking about pain, that allows you to connect instantly to your target market. Then you build your program around that. Your program becomes the vehicle to take your clients from their pain, fear, and frustration and to their goals, their pleasure state, and their big vision. You offer that, that one single thing, at a premium price. Start with this before you rebrand yourself and redo your website or anything and then create a program based on that. Now that you understand that your program is going to be the vehicle, determine what the steps and milestones are that you are going to use to take them out of the place of “pain” stage and into the place of “pleasure” stage. Then, take the program you have developed, reach out to your audience, reach out to your close friends, reach out to your avatar, do a little enquiry call and see if it is something they would buy.


You just need to give your clients enough to take them out of the pain into the solution.
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Attracting Leads and Pushing Them Through a Sales Funnel

Once you have your programming, you can absolutely build your website. Jessica recommends a high-end photoshoot because if people are paying you a premium price for your service, they are going to want it to look like a premium website and a premium brand. Whatever you put out there is what you’re going to attract. If you are going for the bargain customers and you have a bargain-looking field, it’s going to attract that kind of customer. Same thing if you have a high-end look — you are going to attract people who, even if they aren’t making over $100 thousand a year, aspire to play in the high-end field. Start putting messages out to your Facebook audience and talk directly to those pain points on all of your posts. Whether using Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, call out your target market and then start to build your audience by engaging in groups, or starting your own. What Jessica recommends to everybody is to have your high-end program and reach out to the people that you want to serve. You can then use things like sales funnels, email marketing, and webinars to scale your business. High-end is the best way to go, no matter what you’re doing. Any service-based entrepreneur can be a high-end provider. Get your feet wet, work out the kinks, and then use all the digital marketing tactics to scale your business.

Avoid Making Crucial Mistakes by Learning From Others

Firstly, Jessica encourages you to go for high ticket sales right away. Number two would be to not try to be everything to everyone. Really narrow down to a specific target client who you want to serve. Because people forget that part of this entrepreneurship thing is that it is really hard and it is a lot of work at times and can definitely be an emotional roller coaster. So nail down exactly what is it that you really want to do, because it is a heart mission. This is especially important if you want any longevity in your business. It’s got to be something that you have a heart connection to.

Shifting for Change

Jessica tells us that when you own your power, when you really own your worth and you’re charging a premium price for your services, you are unconsciously giving all women permission to do the same. You might lose some people, but you are also going to gain some. First of all, you are going to keep your real fans and you are going to inspire them to be greater versions of themselves. Secondly, you are going to start gaining the followers that you really want, who are going to be able to afford your services. You will only attract a higher caliber of client and it will be a whole new experience, and a much better experience to begin with. It’s okay to let some people go. As they say, people come into our lives for a reason or a season and it’s better not to get caught up in worrying about what some people might think and to just focus on the positive. We want to please everyone, but if you are so focused on pleasing everyone that you are holding yourself back, it is not serving you or the world. So again, sometimes we just have to get uncomfortable for a moment.


  • Owning your worth, what it means, and how you can use that to help you frame your pricing. [0:03:37.1]

  • Finding your value and understanding what it means for you personally to feel worthy. [0:08:28.9]

  • Making the transition from the lower end scale to offering high-end, premium services. [0:13:08.1]

  • Attracting leads and pushing them through a sales funnel in order to scale your business. [0:16:20.4]

  • Advice from Jessica on how to avoid making the same mistakes she did. [0:26:38.1]

  • Shifting for change in your business and letting go of what is not best for your business. [0:36:04.1]

#TalkStrategyToMe [0:39:53.6]

  1. First, think about how much money you want to make and then you can reverse engineer your program out of that.

  2. Go back and go deeper into finding out what your “why” is.

  3. Go back and really understand what your why means.

  4. Build a product around your why, creating something your clients want.


Jessica Yarbrough

The Mompreneur Coach

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Jessica Yarbrough, The Mompreneur Coach, is a successful entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business coach. She helps women create high-end coaching programs so they can easily make 5 figures a month without working more than 20 hours a week. Her expertise includes being an accomplished branding, strategy, and digital marketing expert. She brings more than a decade of marketing experience to her coaching programs. As a single mother, her mission is to support women with the tools, tactics, and resources to build a 6 figure business they can run from home.


  • Owning your worth

  • Finding your value

  • Transitioning to premium

  • Attracting leads and pushing them through a sales funnel

  • Avoid making crucial mistakes by learning from others

  • Shifting for change




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