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How to Run an Effective Photo Shoot For Your Brand

Episode 306: Show Notes

Hey all of you strategists and biz queens! If you haven’t heard yet, we have been going through a big rebrand! All of of our work will now fall under the Boss Project banner. That’s right, TCC is now a thing of the past and we are onto even bigger and better things! Since we have started this process we have been getting so many questions about the new photos we have been taking and sharing sporadically. We have to admit they look amazing and we are so proud of how they have come out. We look pretty good in the them, if we don’t say so ourselves!

Hey all of you strategists and biz queens! If you haven’t heard yet, we have been going through a big rebrand! All of of our work will now fall under the Boss Project banner. That’s right, TCC is now a thing of the past and we are onto even bigger and better things!  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Boss Project

So today we wanted to share some tips and tricks for organizing a great shoot! After this experience we have loads of opinions and ideas to give you. In the past we mostly went pretty DIY with the process with varying degrees of success and have learned many lessons, and this time we applied a bunch of that knowledge! This was the first occasion that we went full professional and the experience was so fluid and we were so prepared! In our discussion we get into these preparations, budgeting, roles, and things to to remember. So let’s get to it!

Is It Time For You to Have a Photoshoot?

You already know the answer is yes! Great photos can add personality to your brand and you know this! Most of us, no matter how creative and capable are not expert photographers so outsourcing this process can make it so much better in so many ways. Remember you can use these images for years if you do them right, so taking the time, effort and spending a bit extra can be so worth it. We would recommend budgeting a couple hundred dollars at least, but there is obviously a spectrum of how much you can put in. The first thing to decide is how much you are actually willing to spend on it, and you can start from there. Once you have your overall figure you can start breaking it down according to categories and here are some important ones you will most definitely need to consider: photographer, hair and makeup artists, venue hire, stylist, models, catering, floral items, prop arrangements and of course accessories. A few of these you might be able to shortcut if you have the expertise or some of it in-house, but don’t skimp, you’ll thank us later!

The Process, Organization and Coordination

A very important part of the organizing process is making sure everyone you need for the shoot is available on the same day! This can be quite a headache as everyone has their own schedule and commitments. In our case we just went ahead and booked the venue first and then hoped everyone would be able to make it. Luckily everything came through okay but proceed with caution! A pro-tip from us would be to start with the most important parts, like the photographer for instance and work outwards from there. Depending on who does your photography they might have their own venue at which you can shoot and other services for you to utilize. We decided to also get other bodies involved, models, some of our team members and tribe. This made sense in terms of the kind of brand we wanted to portray and you can obviously work this out for yourself when planning. In previous years we had done almost all the styling ourselves and brought so much stuff to the shoots and let us tell you we will never not hire a stylist again! It was ten million times better of an experience working with someone committed to making us look good! We just handed over the reigns and let Kate do her thing. She showed up with mountains of potential clothes and combinations and had everything covered. We did our individual shots and group pics and it all just flowed and worked out smoothly. We had so many looks to choose from, which was a first!


It was so much fun, it made us feel really good about our bodies and what we looked like and how we were showing up.
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More Preparatory Tips

Remember this if you remember anything, do not pack your props on the morning of the shoot! You will forget something! So we say load the car up the night before, so all you have to worry about is looking good in the morning. Obviously making lists can help you with what you need to pack. Our list of shots was so vital to having a successful shoot, we had it all laid out so that our photographer knew exactly what we needed. This included where the photos would be used and on what platforms so that the dimensions and specifications were clear. Now as you may know, neither of us are the best at posing and the last thing you want is to spend all this effort and money and the for the shoot be wasted on your discomfort. The mood board that we created with our stylist helped us relax and lock down each look and frame so we could be at our very best, A-game. In the end we still directed the shoot, something we might look into outsourcing in the future but the whole experience was such a breath of fresh air and we can’t wait for next time to be even better!


  • Is It Time For You to Have a Photoshoot? [0:03.56.5]

  • Deciding on Your Budget. [0:07:01.2]

  • The Process, Organization and Coordination.  [0:18:28.7]

  • Why Using a Stylist Can Change Your Day. [0:22:56.5]

  • Wardrobe Changes and Tricks for the Camera. [0:33:35.9]

  • More Preparatory Tips! [0:38:05.3]

  • Looking to the Future and Possible Changes [0:46:02.3]




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