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Episode 260: Show Notes

Hey all you wonderful Wonder Women! We have a super fun episode for you today where we will be talking about our experiences in volunteering and just how much we have benefited from these. Specifically, we will be going over the time both of us have spent in the Kansas City Junior League and the work we have been involved in there. As part of our general mission to help all of our amazing listeners find their power and move with strength through this world, we would highly recommend any type of volunteer work and have extra faith in the Junior League organization which has chapters all over the world. During this episode we give some context to its work and how it operates.

Hey all you wonderful Wonder Women! We have a super fun episode for you today where we will be talking about our experiences in volunteering and just how much we have benefited from these. Specifically, we will be going over the time both of us have spent in the Kansas City Junior League and the work we have been involved in there.  |  The Strategy Hour Podcast  |  Think Creative Collective

We chat about how many great things the organization has to offer, both to its recipients and participants. We then dive into some of the many lessons we have learned over the last couple of years and Abagail shares her experiences working in partnership with the local animal shelter and anti-cruelty unit. This has been a particularly profound time for her and please excuse us if there are a few tears! Emylee also chats about her evolving position in the League and how trying new things has been such a rewarding process for her. We finish off by rounding up the multiple ways in which you and your business can grow through this type of involvement, a truly symbiotic relationship. So come with us and get inspired to help and grow!

Some Background Information on the Kansas City Junior League

Each chapter of the league, as an international organization has the space to choose its own focus. Therefore the members are able to decide which issues that would like to deal with based on their interests, size and capabilities. The Kansas City chapter, due to its relatively high numbers is more generally focused than some others like it, opting to link with a wide range of issues and organizations. The overarching theme does, however, center around women and children and their welfare. This allows for a lot of space to find meaningful work and recipients of the volunteers’ time. In her first few years working at the JLKC, Abagail was mostly involved with marketing and fundraising, an integral part of any NGO in making sure it can continue to run. The Kansas City chapter was started in 1914 and has since donated $17 million and contributed 2,4 million hours of work to the community! That is a lot if you ask us!

The league is dedicated to identifying social needs and addressing them through the actions of its volunteers. There are literally so many ways you can be involved and so much variety of activities and work, we could not even tell you all of them. At the beginning of Emylee’s time volunteering she worked on some event coordination and planning. This experience was very beneficial for her even though she hated it! She learned that she never wanted to do that again and that her future with TCC would be one of outsourcing any events! This is one of the great side benefits of the act of volunteering, you get to find out things about yourself and work that you might not have otherwise.

The JLKC Partnership With a Local Animal Shelter

One of the most fun and beautiful initiatives that has come out of the JLKC is its partnership with an anti-cruelty animal shelter nearby. Abagail has now dedicated herself to this branch of the League’s work and is so happy to be a part of it! Every year they show a promotional video and Emylee never makes it through without crying! Working with the dogs is such a therapeutic process and is a little less demanding on time and energy compared to other roles that she has done. The opportunity has also allowed Abagail to experience work that stays at work. You cannot take this type of thing home with you and it has been broadening for her to feel this. An obvious concern which we are sure some of you will share is that being there might lead to just adopting all the dogs! And while she admits it does seem to increase the chances it has not been a big problem yet. She is able to carry out many tasks and enjoys the cleaning, playing and education that is required. Taking around school groups and and visitors is extremely rewarding and she has had a host of meaningful experiences since signing on.

Emylee’s New Role in The League

This is Emylee’s second year in the League and at the beginning of it she joined what is called JL360. This is the part of the Junior League that deals with how things are run, grown and managed. One of the reasons it even exists as an entity within the League is because of how much it has grown and the need for more people to understand and communicate the inner workings of the organization for transparency. The position requires attending lots of meetings and getting to grips with the ins and outs of the organization, all things which she feels will benefit the way she looks at TCC and any businesses in the future. The smallish group of women that are on the team with her, means that she is building personal relationships and really getting to know some of her fellows. Sounds all round great, don’t you think?

The Real World Benefits That This Kind of Work Offers

As we have mentioned, these positions as volunteers offer you the chance to learn skills and test out different parts of yourself in ways that your own business may not. In a sense there is more space for mistakes or at least test runs, due to the network of people and experience around you. There is usually a support system to help you through any difficulty so the stakes are not quite as high when you are solely running your own business. It gives you the space to try something with such little likelihood of disaster, who wouldn’t want that? Mostly these positions are a year long commitment and after that you are able to pivot and try something else, just to keep things fresh! In the case of the Junior League, there is more than likely a branch near you and if you haven’t got the message yet, we are big fans so why not go check it out? Don’t be worried about age or lack of experience, everyone who joins is different and all are welcome. Have a look around, do some research, find a department or area of practice that suits or interests you, we promise you won’t regret it. And remember, it’s a tax write off!


  • Some Background Information on the Kansas City Junior League. [0:03:51.5]

  • Important Lessons That We Learned from Working in The League. [0:11:01.1]

  • The JLKC Partnership With a Local Animal Shelter. [0:14:51.7]

  • Emylee’s New Role In the League.  [0:26:55.4]

  • The Real World Benefits That This Kind of Work Offers. [0:31:01.2]


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