Blog Brainstorming: 20 Ways to Find Your Best Content in 30-Mins or Less

Brainstorming new blog content can sometimes be overwhelming, but we promise that the longer you blog for, the more ideas you will have! As content ideas come to us we write them in a journal or add them to our Wunderlist, but sometimes that running list seems a little dry and it is time to start thinking of something new. We personally prefer brainstorming together, but this strategy will work whether you're alone or sitting with your biz bestie.

Blog Brainstorming: 20 Ways to Find Your Best Content in 30-Mins or Less  |  Think Creative

Grab a pen and paper… yes a pen. No idea is a bad idea when you are brainstorming. Ask yourself the following questions and always write down your gut reaction. Most of the time, your secondary reaction to your initial gut reaction is the idea. Keep your scribbles! Even if you narrow down your list when you are done always keep the original list. It's great to go back and revisit later, as many times a new idea will pop up on second glance.

Below is the questions WE ask and a few blog posts that have come as a result of asking those particular questions.   

1. What sort of problems do you face in your business or niche on a frequent basis?
The Ultimate Blogging Getting Started Guide
Legitimizing Your Online Business
How to Avoid Burnout

2. What tools of the trade do you use? How do they help you and what do you like about them?
All About ConvertKit: Why We Chose This Email Marketing Provider Over Infusion Soft, Aweber, MailChimp and Ontraport
15 Productivity Tools We Use in Business (HINT: 8 of them are free!)
Best Platforms to Host Your Next Webinar

3. How can you take an older post and put a new spin on a similar concept?
Harnessing the Hidden Power of Pinterest turned into (Re)Fall in Love with Your Pinterest

4. What is going on right now in your life or business? How could that affect your readers? What should they be watching out for?
7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic by Using Old Posts
So, What Do You Do? How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch
How to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do: 7 Steps to Build Your Dream Business

5. Can you show your reader “how to” do something that you do by giving a tutorial? The more obvious the better… always start with the basics.
How To Edit Flatlays in Adobe Lightroom (Video Tutorial)
How to Create An Inspiration Mood Board
How to Make Your Own Lightbox for Under $7: A Video Tutorial
How to Style Your Images for Branded Flat Lays [Video]
How to Craft a Professional Email: Our 7 Steps

6. Who do you know that could contribute to your blog as a guest?
The Golden Rules of Collaboration
Stop Gambling: See How Growth Hacking Can Grow Your Small Business
5 Common Sense Ways to Live Your Brand

7. What sort of helpful lists could you create?
7 Reasons Why We Chose Squarespace (Over Wordpress, Muse, Wix, Godaddy, etc.)
20 Tools the Hand Lettering Pros Use (FREE guide)
10 Ways to Make Working From Home Less Lonely
4 Steps to Grow Your Tribe Without Spending All Your Time On Marketing

8. How about an even longer list?
The 411 on Entrepreneurship: 19 Things All First Time Business Owners Need to Know
24 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Small Business Needs to Generate Buzz and Plan Your Next Launch

9. How could you educate your audience? What are they begging to learn?
Defining Who You Want to Work With: The All New Way of Finding Your Ideal Client
Knowing Your Real Audience By Utilizing Google Analytics
Entrepreneur Diaries: How to Get Paid to be Creative

10. Could you create an infographic to simplify a subject related to your business or niche?
How the Heck to Use a Hashtag

11. What sort of worksheet or printable could you give away… and write about how to use it?
The Key to Making Your To Do List DONE
Does Your Brand Need to Up Its Game? BONUS: FREE Brand Assessment Download

12. What are you passionate about?
Confessions of a Volunteer-aholic: How Making a Difference Changed my Life and my Career
Entrepreneur Diaries: Creative Chics, Coffee and Collaborations

13. Have you recently read a book that is worth reviewing?
Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose

14. Who inspires you?
Blog Finds, Blog Legends and Insta-spiration
Insta Love: 21 Women Who's Feed Inspires Us

15. What is unique about the way in which you do business?
The Secret Sauce to Building Brand Loyalty
Work/Life Balance is Crap!
10 Ways to Make Working From Home Less Lonely

16. What tips could you share? 
No More Networking: Tips for Creating Professional Relationships
4 Methods to Talk About Price Increases With Your Clients

17. What mistakes have you made that are worth admitting?
The 6 Biggest Blog Mistakes That Will Make You Lose Visitors (And How to Correct Them)

18. Do you have a crazy analogy?
Running a Business is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

19. Can you be more straightforward about what you do or what you offer?
Our Design Process: Part One - Lattes & Laughter
How to Prepare for Your Next Speaking Engagement

20. Can you honor a major milestone in your business?
What We Learned from 1 Year of Blogging & Our First 100k Visitors

Need more help? We know it can get kinda overwhelming listing out #AllTheBlogPosts for you so we made an easier way. Here’s the bottom line: we believe in you, your passion and your success. We want to be your biggest (and loudest) cheerleaders in everything you do. We want this world to be filled to the brim of people loving their jobs instead of hating them. We want to help new generations form of people working creatively and so freaking passionately that it runs out their eyeballs. We think you’re ready to be a part of that. 

If you’re ready to see some movement in your blog and be proud of what you get to do every single day we want you inside our brand new (FREE) course Spark Your Creativity: 7 Steps to Ignite Your Business. Here’s what we’re breaking down:

  • Why your passion needs a purpose
  • More tools to be more productive and badass apps to help you cut the crap
  • The mistakes we’ve made and the things that can totally kill your vibe
  • How to plan your dream week and how it can totally shift how your business runs
  • The secret sauce behind our success (and how you can totally copy it)
  • The best way to make goals that get done

Hundreds of creatives have already chosen to take these steps and are ready to see big changes in their creative business. Will you be the next one?




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