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Mid-year Mental Checklist

Where did the first half of the year go? Is anyone else just as shocked as me that it is suddenly July? When you own a business we tend to get lost in the moment. What do I have to do today? Tomorrow? Next week?

Mid-Year Mental Checklist  |  Think Creative

Occasionally we need to stop and do a little check-in to make sure we are on track. Here are some checklist items I would consider putting up for review:

  • Social Media – Am I reaching my initial goals for the year? How could I improve my messaging? Am I putting my time in the platforms that benefit my business and myself most?
  • Website – Do any pages need updating? Could I be clearer in my messaging? Am I still appealing to my ideal client? What are my goals for the remainder of the year? How could I continue to increase my traffic?
  • Newsletter – Does my opt-in need a refresh? Is my list still engaging? Do I need to shake up the formatting? Have I tried sending it on a different day of the week?
  • Blog – Are there any posts that had time sensitive information in them that need to be edited out – such as giveaway items, past webinars, etc? How could I reframe my past content and reintroduce it in a new way this coming half of the year?
  • Relationships – Is there anyone I have met in the past six months that I should try reaching out to again because there is an opportunity for a collaboration, client work, friendship, or mentoring? What brands, businesses or individuals do I think are rocking it? How could I try to make a connection with them? 
  • Inspiration – Am I running dry? Should I try a new meetup, conference or networking event? What new courses are available that would benefit my business, my employees or me? What free webinars are out there that I could jump in on?
  • Life – Am I spending enough time with my friends or family? How could I enjoy it a little more? Could I plan a vacation or weekend getaway?

Based on this checklist you probably just ended up with a to do list a mile long. Try reframing this and looking at it as a bucket or wish list. Make your goals aspirations instead of tasks. Prioritize the ones that really matter and shred the ones that don’t. 


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