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Why "Dieting" Is Hurting Your Small Business

You gotta quit. It is hurting your performance. You are always miserable and you aren’t really reaching the goals you set out to when you started.

Why "Dieting" Is Hurting Your Small Business  |  Think Creative

Ok, ok, I don’t mean literally dieting. What you do with your body is completely up to you! I mean the act of dieting.

See when you “diet” you have a pre-determined regimen of what you think you should do everyday – perhaps it is cutting sugar or pumping up the protein intake.

In your business that diet probably includes:

  • Blogging Obsessively 
  • Spending time on every Social Media Channel
  • Answering Every Email the Moment They Arrive
  • Getting Everything on Your List Done Everyday
  • Finishing Client Work that Comes as a Rush Job
  • Constantly Curating Images of Your Work

In essence, you are working your tail off until you have reached a magical level of business perfection. Like dieting you can maintain or sustain these habits for a few days, a few weeks or maybe even a few months; but eventually you will want to return to “life” as you once knew it.

Instead of bingeing on habit changes, what if instead you focused on little changes. 

Challenge yourself to doing a little bit everyday, forming new, healthy habits and over time you will see giant strides. 

Sure Biz “Dieting” can lead to inflated follower growth, new clients or customers, but it is not sustainable for the long haul.

For the next 30 days challenge yourself to make 1 small change a week. Then do it everyday. As the weeks go by it becomes second nature.

For me, blogging has become a part of my life and a part of my business. By forcing it upon my self to blog 5 days a week, it started to really burn me out. I wish instead of starting out blogging 5 days a week I had embraced a lighter, more manageable amount and worked up over time. However, with some modifications to my initial blogging habits it has become a much healthier business practice. 

Stop dieting! Your business will thank you later. 

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