How to Digitize Your Hand Lettering

Are you a hand letterer, calligrapher, or just a sketcher of pretty things? Do you have notebooks, journals and bar napkins filled with your beautiful work that just sits in drawers or folders? There seems to be this missing piece with those of us who can create pretty works on paper and those of us who can actually do something with it on a computer. There seems to be this mysterious level of “knowing” that the pros have seemed to master of digitizing their hand written elements. Guess what? We’re unlocking that secret level. Just for you.

Are you a hand letterer, calligrapher, or just a sketcher of pretty things? Join us for Becoming and Online Artist!

Recently myself and Abagail were talking with Alex Estes of Prairie Letter Shop about this missing piece. I am the creative who has always wanted to learn this part of the process, but never could figure it out. Abagail and Alex are the creatives that have actually taken the time to master this and now are ready to teach people like (me) you! We are so excited to introduce you to our newest online course: Becoming an Online Artist - A course designed to help you transform your art from paper to digital, to save you money and time in the process. 

We’ve combined our expensive degrees, years of education and training into a completely comprehensive course. We’re advocates for sharing skills and saving you time so we hold nothing back. You will walk away with the roadmap and skills for using your hand lettering in a digital format for your small business. 

We will cut straight to the chase. We won’t spend time working on graphic design skills that are nice-to-haves; rather, we’ll dive right into the foundational tools you need to digitize your lettering or art. We know your time is precious, so we’ve been highly selective about what exactly we’ll show you. 

We will also give you resources and a supply list geared specifically to your craft. It would be easy to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on tools and resources for your business. We want to save you not only time, but money, and share with you the resources that are required for the baseline, while also sharing information about more advanced tools and supplies for those who want to invest more in their business.

We’ll also break things down into easily digestible chunks. It’s perfectly okay if you come to the table with little or no experience in Photoshop. We’ll meet you where you are and are confident that you will be ready to make a simple Instagram graphic by the end of the first part of the course!  

Trust us when we say this is the perfect marriage of lessons for the newbie (Emylee approved) and lessons for the seasoned business owner (both Abagail and Alex learned a new way to tweak their own processes).

So how does this all work? 

You’ll learn from a graphic designer and a calligrapher. You’ll get a look over Abagail and Alex’s shoulders as they share step-by-step how to turn your design on paper into a digital format that can be reproduced both on and offline. Plus, they’ll share the tools and software they use to make the magic happen!

When and where is it happening?

Doors are opening soon for Becoming an Online Artist. Make sure you’re on the list (+ get an awesome bonus) to be one of the first to get in (we’re only opening doors for a limited time). By signing up you’ll also get access to our free mini-lessons. You’ll start with Our Top 10 Tools For Hand Lettering then you’ll hear all about Our Creative Journey and finally you’ll wrap up hearing all about Our Biggest Business Mistakes (so you don’t have to make them too). 

Once you enroll you'll be able to login to access the course material Inside you will find your class supply list, amazing bonuses and access to a private community full of creative entrepreneurs. You will also find all the lessons will walk you through digitizing and marketing your hand lettering designs.

There's also a space below each lesson where you can pose questions that arise as you’re learning. Our set-up allows you the freedom and space to work through the lessons at your own pace. If you’re like us, you need to see something more than once before it “sticks.” If you see something you want to view again, simply hit rewind and watch it again! If you’re busy with kids at home or have a full time job, our framework allows you the freedom to work at the best time for you, without worrying about having to clear time in your schedule.

Becoming an Online Artist was thoughtfully built online so you can learn from the ease of your own home. The virtual sphere has introduced us to so many wonderful people around the globe, and we all desire more opportunities for collaboration. However, in-person learning experiences are not always possible or affordable. We wanted to create a place where we could meet and learn together despite any distance. 

We cannot wait to welcome you into our newest workshop! We’re thrilled to have been able to combine all of our forces and create something truly amazing and helpful for you. Whether you are a creative doodler working on a side business, are a full time hand letterer or if you haven’t even started yet, this course is for you. 

Before enrollment opens we wanted to give you a chance to get started right away. Dive in with our guide and get access to 20 tools the pros use. 




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