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4 Steps to Grow Your Tribe Without Spending All Your Time On Marketing

It’s no lie that we pinch ourselves every time we take a look around at what’s grown over the last year. We’ve put our blood, sweat and (many) tears into growing this business from the ground up so when we find a system that makes that job easier we leap. We know that sometimes it’s easy to get into the overwhelm of being bombarded with “systems that will grow your business!!”, but trust us when we tell you this one is so worth it.

4 Ways to Steps Your Tribe Without Spending All Your Time on Marketing

We invested in LeadPages shortly after we started running webinars and needing to collect emails in multiple spots on our site. We wanted something that a) was easy to design b) had high conversions c) had good analytics. We found all of that with LeadPages.  

If you’re not familiar with LeadPages, this lead generation platform creates some of the best-converting landing pages and lead-generation tools in the industry. (We can’t recommend LeadPages highly enough.)

With over 40,000 customers (yes, they counted!), LeadPages is constantly testing to discover exactly which tactics generate the most leads and conversions.

Ready to Go Templates

Inside you can choose from over 70+ easy-to-customize templates to quickly and easily generate high-converting landing pages. That includes proven landing page templates for sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, thank you pages and more. (And they’re always testing and adding new templates for you + a brand spanking new drag-and-drop builder that you can see for the first time in our workshop.)

Do Everything Without Touching a Line of Code

Customize, duplicate, redirect and deploy whole landing pages without touching a single line of code. Modify template copy. Use different fonts in your templates. Add different images. Change template colors to match your website. Integrate your email marketing service provider with your templates. Deploy your new LeadPages® templates on your WordPress site, on your server, or Facebook, all without writing or editing a line of code.

100% Mobile Friendly

It doesn’t matter whether you host your landing pages on our server, on your own server, on WordPress or on Facebook, all our landing page templates are designed for mobile devices. There’s no set-up required, so you never have to change a thing.

Boost Your Opt-in Rates with Pre-Populated Landing Page Fields

This has been called the “coolest sneaky but ethical landing page trick.” It involves automatically filling in (or “pre-populating”) your subscribers’ personal data in your opt-in box. The result? Your subscriber sees his first name and email address already filled in your opt-in box, so he simply has to click the “okay” button to opt-in. This makes it much easier for subscribers to opt-in to your list. Fact: This “cool trick” works. 

Not only do we use LeadPages in our own business every single day, but we know it can work for yours as well. We are so excited to co-host this free online workshop with Tim Paige, Senior Conversion Educator, on March 15th at Noon CST. You can reserve your free seat to 4 Steps to Grow Your Tribe Without Spending All Your Time on Marketing (and access to the limited time replay by) clicking here.

Inside this free live training, LeadPages Senior Conversion Educator Tim Paige will reveal four of these simple techniques you can start using right now to grow your own list.

Inside this live training, you’ll discover:

  • How to Turn Any Business Site into a Lead-Generation Machine: We’ll show you four simple steps you can take right now to transform your site into a powerful lead-generation tool that you can use right now to grow your list and boost your sales.
  • The Highest-Converting Landing Page + Lead Magnet (or “Opt-in Bribe”): This simple landing page + lead magnet combination has out-converted every other landing page and lead magnet that LeadPages has tested -- even though it only took 30 minutes to create.
  • The #1 Biggest Mistake that Even the Best Marketers in the World Make: If you make this mistake, you’ll continually ignore (or worse abandon) your best, hottest leads. We’ll show you how to avoid this mistake and turn this missed opportunity into an entirely new sales channel for your business -- in less than five minutes.

That’s just a glimpse at what you can expect in this 90-minute live training.

From everything we’ve heard, this training promises to be incredible. We hope you’ll consider joining us on March 15th at 12:00pm CST  |  1:00pm EST  |  6:00pm London.

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