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Read This Before You Create Your First E-Course: Find Out About the Platform We’ve Used to Create a 6-Figure Business From Online Courses

So you’ve been bouncing around the idea of starting an online course. You see people making real money (and having a shit-ton of fun) and you are so ready for a piece of that pie. We’ve SO been there! It seems like just yesterday we were booked to capacity, realizing we had capped out our income because we could LITERALLY not take on another client. It felt like a glass ceiling on our potential. Crappy feeling, amiright?

So you’ve been bouncing around the idea of starting an online course. You see people making real money (and having a shit-ton of fun) and you are so ready for a piece of that pie | Think Creative Collective

We knew “passive income” was a thing. Like wake-up-to-money-in-your-inbox kind of crazy, but getting started felt a little like pulling teeth.

We’re here today to give you the guidance you need. It’s time to get that crazy idea of yours off the ground. Let’s go from zero to selling. Hands raised if you are with me!

There are a TON of options out there when it comes to creating and selling your own course. There are plugins, and platforms, and widgets a-plenty. Comparing this to that can almost feel worse than picking the platform on which to build your website. (OMG, horrific flashbacks of day drinking and never ending scrolling here.) 

Well babe, at the end of the day, the only way you are going to make money is if you just get started.

You Could Bootstrap It

We know how tempting this is. We so get it. We spent hours creating our own custom pages inside our Squarespace site to “host” our course content. It limited us to one locked page or the worst plugin I have ever dealt with in my life (not naming names, it would just be a kick in the pants). 

This is definitely an option. We sold thousands of dollars worth of courses just making it work with what we had, and over time added bandaids to try and fix the mess we created.

You Could Try Something Else

There are seriously hundreds of options for how this could all work out. Many of which have awesome capabilities and truly could work for you. We were fooled into thinking several of them would be a good fit for us, but after endless fights with customer service and finding out many of the features they said were compatible were actually broken, we decided to cut ties with all the other guys. 

Or You Could Use What the Pros Use

After hours upon hours of research and weeks of consideration it became clear that our solution was Teachable. Their platform worked out of the box - no integrating platforms, upgrading plugins or struggling through endless .zip files.

With no strings attached, our Academy was waiting for us. Not only did it allow us to build out our content inside a password protected site, but it handled EVERYTHING. Inside Teachable you get access to:

  • Your own branded school;
  • Custom domains optimized for web and mobile;
  • Advanced editing options (which are totally optional);
  • Multimedia lectures - we’re talking video, audio, slides, quizzes and more;
  • Discussion forums - whoop!
  • Incredible integrations with many top mail carriers - including our favorite, ConvertKit;
  • Coupons and promotions;
  • Custom sales pages;
  • Payment processing in 130+ currencies, paid out immediately;
  • Options to sell individual courses, bundles and even subscription models;
  • Student affiliate and JV partner programs built right in;
  • Conversion pixel support for all you Facebook aficionados;
  • Multiple instructor support;
  • Comprehensive analytics on revenue and student data;
  • Seamless hosting;
  • Data ownership;
  • Top notch security and customer service, and

And if that weren’t enough, the social proof was through the roof. Top entrepreneurs like Mariah Coz, Pat Flynn and Melyssa Griffin are using and rocking Teachable.

Ready to Get Started?

We know you are dying to get started. So we have partnered up with Teachable to let you jump in and try it! That’s right, right now you can try Teachable for 30-days, totally FREE. Head here to get more details.

We're going to give you all the tools you need, including amazing software so that you can easily create your own beautiful online course website, and a proven, step-by-step process from entrepreneurs who have already successfully launched their own profitable online courses.

Need more incentive than that? 

Okay, fine. 

You can read more here, but basically when you start your free trial (even if you choose to cancel) you unlock 6 trainings from some pretty bomb Teachable members. There’s even a free program from yours truly in there. We have never, ever offered our trainings for free anywhere else, so this is truly an amazing deal. 

If that doesn’t convince you to start your free trial, we don’t know what will. 

Head here to begin your free trial and learn what other amazing bonuses are in store for you. 
We can’t wait to see what you’re going to create for your business! We know you’ve got some amazing ideas brewing up in that brain of yours. 

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