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How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Sales

Instagram Stories debuted and our biggest complaint is that we don’t know what to call them. InstaSnaps? Instants? Snaps? Insta Stories? #TheStruggleisReal.

Besides that, we’re in love. 

We’re not here to debate whether Instagram stole SnapChat’s idea or any of that jazz. We love them, we use them and we know they’re going to help with engagement. If you want to figure out how to make actual sales from them then you’re in the right place. P.S. from here on out we’ll be referring to them as Story or Stories. You can call them whatever you want.

Instagram Stories debuted and our biggest complaint is that we don’t know what to call them. InstaSnaps? Instants? Snaps? Insta Stories? #TheStruggleisReal.  Besides that, we’re in love.  |  Think Creative Collective

We talk a lot about humanizing your brand and the power of putting you in front of your brand. Here’s what happens when people see a face attached to a brand. They:

  • Find ways to relate with you;
  • Are more forgiving of blunders;
  • Think of you as a person, and
  • Connect with you on a deeper level.

So what’s the combined, massive effect of all of those things?

Your clients and customers will spend more money and stick around longer (probably because they’re busy buying everything you offer).

Why? Because you showed yourself as a real life human freaking being.

Look, we know it’s hard to find that fine line of personal life + business life. We know a lot of you choose to not show certain aspects of your life (kids, where you live, no makeup, etc). That’s cool. We’re not asking you to upload your entire family reunion photos to Instagram.

But, maybe you could Story it? 

Maybe you could Story your morning coffee (the one that isn’t perfectly edited). Or your evening glass of wine. Or your family at the zoo.

Because the cool thing about the Stories on Instagram (similar to Snaps) is that they only last 24 hours. And no one can comment or like them. And no one can share them.

How cool is that?

Stories on Instagram are the perfect platform to showcase what you’re eating (because no one cares unless you’re an actual food photographer), where you are (without showing your address), and what you’re doing outside of work.

Once people get a glimpse of that (even just for 15 seconds), they feel connected. They see that they own the same living room rug as you, or enjoy extra butter on their popcorn like you do, or - just like you - have kids that throw themselves on the floor of Target.

This is brand relationships at its finest, y’all.

Another unique aspect of Instagram Stories (one that Snapchat failed at) is the ability to comment privately on the Story. Ever since Instagram Stories came out we’ve been getting DMs from people with whom we’ve never interacted before.

We were able to have actual conversations with potential customers (or past customers) and it was amazing. 

So, if you’ve been Grumpy McGrumperson about Instagram Stories lately, maybe it’s time to change your tune.

Consider the behind-the-scenes value you could add to your brand by participating. Brainstorm some scenarios where you could Story and consider making a list of what you absolutely don’t want to Story. 

Think outside the box. Live a little! Let us see what you ate for lunch today.

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