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Decoding Pinterest Analytics: What Your Numbers Mean

Pinterest can do WONDERS for your web traffic and can even bring you business from all over the world. Understanding how to use it is one thing, but seeing what works is quite another.

In the past we have covered how to (re)fall in love with your Pinterest. And even jumped into our Daily Pinterest Formula to show you how we get our staggering results (we are talking 30k or more pin impressions a day)! But today we are jumping into the world of analytics and how to decode all the numbers. 

Understand how to use Pinterest Analytics. See how Pinterest works for you. Know what people love about your profile and website. See what they engage in and dive into how to learn more about your audience.  |  Think Creative Collective

Before you even jump in you must ensure your account is setup as a business account otherwise analytics will not work. Here you can join as a business or if you already have an account you can convert it. Don’t forget to confirm your website, this is what allows you to see what traffic is landing on your site - here is how to set that up

We want to help you discover how Pinterest works for you. We will show you what people love most from your Pinterest profile and website, show you who is engaging and even dive into how to learn more about your audience.

Here is a Brief 2-Minute Overview

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