Biz Chic Challenge

Our 2016 Business Bucket List Challenge

We are big supporters of writing down all the things we need and want to do in our business so we can check things off as they happen. There’s nothing better than hearing that ding! inside Wunderlist as we complete a task. There’s also power in getting things out of your head and in a physical space, especially when there’s two of us. The list does well to hold us accountable. This week we decided to put together a Business Bucket List Challenge for small goals, big goals and tasks we hope happen this year.

It is time to dream BIG! What do you want to aim your sights on?!  |  Think Creative Collective

Travel for Business

Although we kind of get to mark this one off it doesn’t really count when Abagail and I have to travel to and from Kansas City and Tulsa for work. When we "actually" travel for business we’re thinking more along the lines of Palm Springs or Arizona or New York City. It’s great to be able to get outside of our little Midwest bubble and meet new people and see new things (and to get paid to do it, well okay!).

Collaborate With People Who Inspire Us

This one is already in the mix and it feels so great even if we haven’t actually put anything out there yet. We filled out calendars last week and this week full of meetings with some pretty amazing creatives. Even though our audience is consistently growing (thanks guys!) we know that it’s super important to get in front of the audience of others. We can’t wait to get to share with you who we have been working with behind the scenes!

Take a Paid Vacation

Yes, this is different than “traveling for business” - this is no work, all play. Our efforts almost every single day are focused in on building a business even when we can’t work it. We want to still get to pay ourselves if we head out of town for the week or take extra time off around the holidays. And not just a paid vacation, but how about paid maternity leave or sick leave? We want it all.

Host an In-Person Workshop

Together we’ve hosted almost 10 online workshops, with another at least 12 scheduled for this year! As much as hanging out online is our jam nothing beats the feel of an in-person workshop. Maybe we teach about DIY Product Photography or host a Branding 101 Workshop. Whatever it is we want to get hands on this year and get to hug you guys!

Be Featured on a Podcast

We have some amazing friends and colleagues that rock their podcasts and we’d love to hang out with them. Podcasts are one of our favorite ways to learn and we love that you can go back and listen over and over. What are some strategies that you’d like to hear from us?

Have an Outside the Home Studio

We’re lucky in that we both have dedicated rooms for our home office and the one I use is light filled and pretty large for a home office. But when we’re both trying to work in the same room, shoot a video, stage some images and store client work it gets super crowded. We’d love a light filled, bright, roomy, high ceiling, brick wall kind of studio for our business. Heck we’d love to host some meetups for creatives in it also!

Grow Our Team

Holy moly, this may happen way sooner than we ever dreamed or even planned. Heck, just last Sunday we made our 9 - month goal to outsource a couple of things, but today we’re considering calling around this week! Ideally we’d love someone on board for admin tasks, email management and general organizing of our schedules. Know anyone? Email us!

Write a “Real” Book

We accomplished our “write an ebook” goal from last year, but a big dream of both of ours is to be in print for “real”. Who knows if we write about biz topics or not, but this has been one of those big dreams we’ve both had since we were like 7. #nerdalert

Attend Some Stellar Conferences/Events

We know the energy, inspiration and connections that are made at conferences are a huge deal and we want a part of it. We have some dreamy ideas on the list like Savvy Business Owners, Blink Conference, and Creative at Heart.

Get on a Block Schedule

This may be one of those ha, yeah right goals, but we can dream! It’s all up to us anyways. We are really trying to get better about client processes, admin tasks, photo taking, etc and we know a block schedule would help that. One big decision we made for this year was to limit our website design clients to just two a month (which was scary), but somehow our days are still full of other amazing biz goodness. 

What does your business bucket list look like? Do you map out your ideas like this and truly put them to paper (and not just keep them floating around in your head)? We’d love to hear your list so we can cheer you on and keep you accountable! Put pen to paper and share what you have come up with on Instagram!! - tag @thinkcreativecollective and use #BizChicChallenge and you might just be featured!