How to Create Habits that WORK for You

Months ago my mom called in a complete panic. Not so much that anything was wrong, but because she had read something that resonated so much with her she had to pick up the phone and call me immediately. 

My mom, otherwise known as Debbie to the outside world, had discovered Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and influential writer on habits and happiness.

How to Create Habits that WORK for You  |  Think Creative

While I am terrible at picking up an actual book to read the whole thing (you will understand why below), I happily danced on over to her website. In minutes I stumbled upon a talk she did about Habits at 99u, a Behance Conference, last year.

Inside this 18 minute talk (which I highly recommend you watch below) I uncovered the lock and key to my life long problem. 

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You see I am an “Obligor,” which in short means I respond extremely well to external rules and fail at most of my own. Seems reasonable that I would end up in many leadership roles over the years because I have an innate fear of letting other people down. However, I have a terrible time meeting my own expectations. Consider every weight loss “diet” I have ever been on. 

Rather than letting this be a roadblock for me, I have turned it into my propeller. I know I need outside accountability. So I have enlisted a short list of friends who I entrust with pushing me towards my personal goals. And I often use my blog audience to push my business farther than I ever thought possible.

Take the time to watch this talk. Uncover how your personality directly affects your habits, your accountability and your drive to succeed. You will be happy you did! 

“Habits are like the prequel to a happy life. If you have habits that work for you, you are much more likely to be happy, healthy, productive and creative. And if you have habits that don’t work for you then it is going to be more of a struggle!” - Gretchen Rubin.


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Increase Your Hustle with Ways to Work Smart & Healthy

Whether you are working from home or you are in an office, maintaining your health, happiness and sanity are very much a top priority. I spent too long over worked, stressed out and sleep deprived. Today I am hoping I can help increase your hustle, but in some smarter and healthier ways. In addition to the tips below, make sure you check out how I get my WHOLE to do list DONE every time! 

Increase Your Hustle with Ways to Work Smart & Healthy  |  Think Creative Infographic

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