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Super Saucy Blog Post Anatomy (BONUS: Blog Planning & Analysis Printable)

We know that you're probably hearing every single day how important it is to have a blog. The numbers don't lie, the interaction with you audience is incredible and the value of what you can give can be a game changer. We also know that sometimes you put off something simply because you don't know the best way to go about getting it done. We want to make sure that you're using each and every post to its full advantage - it takes way to much time to prep those posts for them to not be working for you!

Today we're breaking down a blog post piece by piece. We'll tell you exactly what how your post should be laid out, what to include in it and how to wrap it all up. 

Your Free Blog Boost Weekly Worksheet

At Think Creative Collective we want to continue to help you grow and reach your potential. We want to see you succeed and be proud of how far you have come. We want you to go after a life and a business that you love.

And because we just love our readers and want to encourage them (that's you) we have created a printable perfect for keeping your blog on track. You can use it as your planning tool to title new content. Keep it around to check off your engagement across social media platforms. And assess the results every week - "hearting" your favorites and seeing the real traffic numbers. We would suggest printing one a week and using it to track for the next month. See if it helps you stay on task. See if there is new growth. Use it to see what is and isn’t working. Keep it in a binder so you can come back and look at it later. 

Get instant access to your free printable worksheet and many more in our all free backstage resource library for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs!

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2015: A Year in Review

At the beginning of the year if you would have to told us that 2015 in review would involve two business owners, one new business and thousands of new tribe members we would have laughed you out of town. As we wrap up this amazing year we are taking a look back on where we started, how far we've grown and the quirkiness of you awesome people. 


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Increase Your Hustle with Ways to Work Smart & Healthy

Whether you are working from home or you are in an office, maintaining your health, happiness and sanity are very much a top priority. I spent too long over worked, stressed out and sleep deprived. Today I am hoping I can help increase your hustle, but in some smarter and healthier ways. In addition to the tips below, make sure you check out how I get my WHOLE to do list DONE every time! 

Increase Your Hustle with Ways to Work Smart & Healthy  |  Think Creative Infographic

Like infographics? Have you seen How the Heck to Use a Hashtag?


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How the Heck to use a Hashtag

I think the world has 3 kind of people: people who know and use the power of hashtags, those who pretend to know and use them anyway, and those who have no clue, so they don't bother. My goal by the time you reach the end of this infographic is that you have a clear understanding of not only best practices, but cross platform clarification on when and how many to use. Don't get overwhelmed, it's pretty simple!!

How do you track hashtags? What are your favorite hashtag tips/tricks?