Creative Marketing becomes Creative One

Before the Rebrand

In the midst of a rebrand CreativeOne sought to unify all online marketing materials, including a re-skin of their website and overhaul on their email marketing campaigns. Below showcases the more unified front going forward. 

Website Re-Skin & Email Marketing

CreativeOne Complete Rebrand  |  Think Creative Collective


Imagine what it might be like to combine a week in the lap of ultimate luxury at a private hideaway while being pampered and soothed by the comforts of home. Impeccably positioned between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach on the Southern California coastline, The Resort at Pelican Hill is the perfect place to escape the bustle of everyday life and enjoy refined simplicity. This refreshing getaway was at the finger tips of top producers at CreativeOne as well as there families. All amenities were paid and travel packets were delivered in advance that included everything from flight details to daily agendas. 

CreativeOne  |  Splendor Incentive Trip  |  Think Creative Collective
Creative One  Logo Design |  Think Creative Collective


About the Project

Three months after winning their independence from carrier ownership,
under Aviva, Creative Marketing underwent a transformation that included
a new name: CreativeOne. “This is more than a name change; it’s a renewed
commitment to serve producers from their side of the table as independent
business entrepreneurs,” said CreativeOne President Mike Tripses.
CreativeOne continues its commitment to innovation and introducing
new ways of equipping producers to be their best. In addition to renewed
commitment; branding, marketing collateral, signage, digital marketing
and all advertising had to be updated, not just with a logo change and
unification effort, but a whole new look on the inside and out.

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