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Boss Talk: Is it Possible for Someone with Mindset Issues to Get Past Them and Succeed? Or, are Successful People Just Naturally in the Right Place?

Episode 283: Show Notes

Hello everyone and welcome back to the The Strategy Hour! Today we are once again joined by our friend Steph Crowder for a Boss Talk session and we will be discussing the role of mindset in defining success. These episodes are definitely some of our favorites and it is always a pleasure having Steph sit down for a dive into an interesting subject. We actually stole this topic straight from her and she dug into her deep archives and pulled this one out just for our listeners. We will really be considering how to get past mindset issues and how differently we combat these problems. It is such a great question and we cannot wait to unpack it right here on Boss Talk!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the The Strategy Hour! Today we are once again joined by our friend Steph Crowder for a Boss Talk session and we will be discussing the role of mindset in defining success. These episodes are definitely some of our favorites and it is always a pleasure having Steph sit down for a dive into an interesting subject.  |  The Strategy Hour Podcast  |  Think Creative Collective

The discussion covers a meditation on different kinds of mindsets and attitudes and how these impact levels of success. We then go on to talk about grit, determination, and perseverance and how vital these qualities are in any type of achievement. The topics of nature and nurture are also relevant and a large takeaway from today is that we do not start on an even playing field but we do get to decide how we play the game and when we get back up from a fall. For an inspiring chat with a great soul-sister of ours, be sure to tune in!  

Mindset Issues and Finding Success

When we look at successful people it can sometimes seem like they were born with the abilities that allow this success. But we also know that the circumstances in which we find ourselves have a big part to play in the trajectory of our endeavors. Steph’s short answer to today’s question is that we can definitely get past our issues and difficulties. We are all dealt a different set of cards and there is a large spectrum of mindset issues people face but we also think bravery is definitely a learned trait and we cannot put things down to nature over nurture. Each of our definitions of success can be different and usually what separates those that feel and live a successful life is their ability to stick with something through the tough times. So one definition of success can actually be not quitting! Steph also sees good entrepreneurship as a kind of fitness and this fitness enables each of us to get through the difficult times and move onto the success we set out for.

The Importance of Grit and Determination in Facing Your Challenges

A very helpful way to understand this ability to push pass challenges is the idea of grit. Perseverance and gumption are really what help you become you! There are times when you will be stuck and lost in a fog and these traits are what can get you out of it. This is not to say  there won’t be periods and seasons when this feels impossible but when these times begin to stretch into never ending tendencies is when your mindset can get the better of you. We have all seen or experienced people using their own misery as fuel for more misery. This awful spiral is so damaging because each of us has to decide what our life looks like to us. You are the one who gets to choose a positive or a negative outlook. This outlook is like an invitation for energies to come into your mind, so you are literally determining what you allow into your space. This brings us to another reiteration, you are not born with success it is something that you choose with the way you approach and react to hurdles. You have to embody this through your decisions and attitude and we know there is always a reason not do something or to give up and sometimes sticking it out for success is the harder choice.

The Inspiration of Youth and Children

When we look at young children it is immediately obvious the kinds of learned behaviors we accumulate over our lives. Children have fewer fears and this fearlessness should inspire you to try and get past those that you have learned. Fear can be a helpful way to warn us of danger but it should not rule our lives and hold us back. It is usually these exact fears that are the least instinctual and have the most to do with our lived experiences and so-called nurture. We all have too many excuses and need to identify why we might act in this way, because, let’s face it most of these are really lame excuses! Another really inspiring thing we can take from kids is their lack of comparison. When you look a group of small children they are usually doing things at their own pace and do not feel pressured to compete and keep up with what everyone else might be doing. Stay on you own timeline and experience success at your own rate! We at TCC believe the harder you work the luckier you get, so literally the more you put yourself out there and stop making excuses the more success will come your way.


I absolutely think that people can get past mindset issues.
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Getting Past A Really Bad Day

We know, sometimes a day is just really bad! When it gets to that point it is not the worst thing in the world to give yourself a break and commit to starting again tomorrow. The worst thing is to let it derail you completely. Getting passed these difficulties, which ultimately still have to do with mindset, is so dependent on self-awareness. Knowing your boundaries and how to refuel your passion after a set back can take you so far. Steph reminds us that you need to market to your own personality, work with your strengths and remember that success is in the long game! With this mindset you can ride out the turbulence of the ups and downs. Steph’s own mantra around this is, “There will be time.” Not everything has to be such a rush and as long as you stay committed things will happen in due course. Having the awareness that it is your role to change things when the chips are down is ultimately the defining characteristic of successful people. So hold onto your successes through the storm and remember that you are the orchestrator of this symphony!

You Can Quit, But Not Today

Abagail has always believed you should not quit on your worst day. Even though on her worst days she has definitely felt like quitting! If you can stick with it through some of the hard times and give yourself some space the problems that seem insurmountable today might be a hill you can scale tomorrow. The same rule can be applied to marriages and the sentiment of not getting divorced when you feel like you hate each other. Rather if, when things are at their best it still feels like a relationship is not working, then separating is a good choice. The last thing we would like to leave you with is the idea of removing as much negativity as you can and minimizing your proximity to it. For Abagail, this was as simple as not dealing with the TCC inbox! Letting someone else take care of it has infinitely improved her mindset and emotional landscape, so this was an incredibly healthy choice to make based on her strengths and weaknesses. If you can identify these types of pain points and reduce them you can focus on what is more important and under your control. In the end your feelings and attitudes are up to you and success starts with a belief that you can and that you deserve success. So get gritty and double down on your wins and use success to build on to more!


  • Mindset Issues and Finding Success. [0:04:03.8]

  • The Importance of Grit and Determination in Facing Your Challenges. [0:08:20.3]

  • Taking Inspiration from Youth and Children. [0:17:30.5]

  • Getting Past A Really Bad Day. [0:24:54.2]

  • You Can Quit, But Not Today. [0:30:25.7]

  • Recapping Tips for Sticking It Out Through the Tough Times. [0:38:30.8]



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