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Gamify Your Business with Erin Kelly of MemberVault

Episode 225: Show Notes

Today on the Strategy Hour Podcast we welcome the wonderful, the magnificent, the powerhouse, Erin Kelly! Erin is here to talk to us about MemberVault, something we are more than excited about. We’ll be hearing about how MemberVault uses gamification as way to boost your business and increase your revenue. Erin will be starting from the very beginning and explaining exactly what MemberVault does and what gamification actually means, so if any of this sounds new and a little daunting, don’t worry because we have you covered!

Today on the Strategy Hour Podcast we welcome the wonderful, the magnificent, the powerhouse, Erin Kelly! Erin is here to talk to us about MemberVault, something we are more than excited about. We’ll be hearing about how MemberVault uses gamification as way to boost your business and increase your revenue.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

During our discussion you’ll get everything you need to know about the great service that MemberVault provides and how you might be able to incorporate it into your strategy. By incentivizing, tracking and tagging, MemberVault enables businesses to tailor and curate their communications and offers to their audiences which are proven to increase results. Sound good? We thought so! The most exciting part of it all is how the service actually cuts down on your workload and allows many automated actions to occur.  You will be getting more interaction for less time spent, and if that isn’t the ticket, we do not know what is. So stay tuned as Erin helps us break it all down for your listening pleasure.

What Exactly is Gamification?

Gamification is what it sounds like, making a game out of something! So how does this work for businesses and how does MemberVault package this? Erin tells us that it can be simplified to a system of rewards and challenges. Certain actions will result in corresponding results, thus creating an interactive game for the user. This might involve completing a course, purchasing a certain amount of units, spending a defined dollar amount or just plain signing up.  Equipped with leaderboards and incentives it is sure to engage a customer’s competitiveness and bring them into focus with your business!

Engaging Users Through Gamification

This engagement can be achieved through email, your website or whatever group or database you might prefer. MemberVault is integrative with most platforms and providers, so whatever giveaways, freebies or rewards you would like to offer are just a click away. This type of interaction is the key to the process of building relationships with customers, something most of listeners know is one of the most crucial parts of any business. By exciting your members, your communications become impactful and motivate more engagement and participation. It allows you, as a business owner, to reach out to the right people, in the right way, at the right time, to re-engage them, offer some special and basically just do better promotion.

The Possibilities of MemberVault

MemberVault provides a space where you can include all of your content, free and paid-for and make it available and trackable. Most of this tracking is done through emails and users are tagged according to their engagement with your communications and content. Thus it is possible to see which customers have completed specific action, which have opened a link, which have read something twice and so on! Erin explains that this segmenting of your audience is the key to MemberVault’s, and more importantly, your success. We couldn’t agree more - Knowing your audience is really half the battle and this is just so much more than that!

Using MemberVault to Sell More!

It has been shown again and again that targeted emails perform better than general newsletters or promotional sprays. There is marked difference in the conversion of receivers and active users when the communication is tailored specifically. The tracking in this process is vital and MemberVault allows you to see who is doing what and which of your products or offers is doing the best - all in one place! The system really takes knowledge of your business and your audience to the next level. Erin even tells us about some ways users are incorporating MemberVault into the IRL parts of their business!


There is nothing better than having someone buy something you created and you haven’t done any hands-on nurturing.
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Getting the Most Out of MemberVault

Erin is a strong advocate of a highly customized resource center, a library and database of offers, cheat sheets, or whatever tickles you and your customers’ fancy. Once this is compiled and fully stocked, you will be able to see, with the help of MemberVault, who is interested in what. You can then very easily set up offers that utilize this new information. Whether it is an enticing freebie or a high tier program, you can arrange your digital storefront to best sell all of your goodies!

How Widely is MemberVault Used?

Although relatively new, MemberVault already has a wide range of businesses that use its many gifts. Everyone from doulas to merchants seem to be catching on to the winning formula that Erin and her team have bottled up. The array of customization that is available to users is limited only by your imagination. You can combine MemberVault with other campaigns you are already running or planning. Erin told us about a specific example where a business owner was using Facebook Live and MemberVault to great effect. In essence, no matter what you choose to do or how you do it, MemberVault will be giving you more time and more revenue through more information and automated services.

Rewards and Incentives

The power of the system lies in the software’s ability to tag users. This coupled with the enforced accountability, appropriate reminders and encouragement, means that a customer is more likely to stick with something that they signed up for. This is good for everybody! Erin goes on to tells us about the great onboarding solutions that are also possible in this framework. Whether it is a gift card for completing an introductory course or a freebie to reward you for a successful purchase, the platform seems to have countless ways to keep your customers smiling while and your systems streamlined!

Leveraging the Utility of MemberVault

Even in the most niche of businesses, there are different types of customers. The larger your business and audience might become, the more diverse and dynamic that customer base will be. The most important thing to remember is that you need to try and service all of these customers and all of their different needs. Some members might be at the front of the pack, some may take months to think about a purchase. All of this is okay if you can ultimately register a positive outcome. For Erin, it is all about funnelling each person according to their needs. This is accomplished by offering them a choice and then following up with a personalized and well-tailored email so you can stay on top of your customer base no matter how large it might grow.

The Evolution of Email Marketing

If we look at the last decade and how the rise and the evolution of email marketing has happened we can see just how different today is compared to just a couple of years ago. As trends come and go and new strategies takeover, users and audiences evolve and require new ways of interacting. The big buzzword currently seems to be ‘personalization’. The idea of a ‘one size fits all’ email campaign or newsletter really does not hold the same weight that it used to. With chatbots and personalized website interfaces, we are only beginning to see the way that tightly curated marketing will be dominant in the near future. No one wants to fill in surveys and long forms anymore. Conversations and ongoing encouragement make so much more sense these days! And with MemberVaults email tagging, that personalization is just that much easier, making servicing your customers’ needs fun, easy and rewarding.


  • What exactly is gamification? And how it can be used in different businesses. [0:03:10.2]
  • Engaging users through gamification on the most basic level. [0:04:35.6]
  • Combining accountability and gamification to motivate course completion. [0:06:54.7]
  • The possibilities MemberVault affords the businesses that use it. [0:07:59.9]
  • Using MemberVault to sell more and do better business! [0:08:16.2]
  • Some examples of the ways users are getting the most out of MemberVault. [0:13:06.2]
  • How widely is MemberVault used across different types of businesses? [0:16:27.9]
  • Rewards and incentives that benefit the business and the client. [0:21:48.7]
  • Leveraging the utility of MemberVault to best serve all your customers. [0:27:50.6]
  • Integrating MemberVault with other services and platforms. [0:30:16.7]
  • The evolution of email marketing and how MemberVault fits into this. [0:37:20.9]

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