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Goal Crusher: Create a Foolproof Plan So You Can Conquer Anything

Episode 108: Show Notes

Today we are excited to tell you about a workshop coming up next Tuesday, September 12th. We are going to help you create a foolproof plan so you can literally conquer anything. Inside this workshop we are going from step zero to done (and everything in-between). We are going to show you the steps you need to take before you even think about being more productive. On this episode we go through some of the actual steps inside the challenge so you can start to see results right away and know that the stuff that we share and talk about is legit.

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We are also taking it a step back in the workshop so we can help you create a good framework going forward. Finally, we will also be sharing a couple of saucy hacks that you can implement to make running your business on the go faster, easier, and more polished. Then, we are moving to “to-do list, done” - crossing them off because they are done. So we are going to talk about how other successful business owners look at their goals and their strategies and how they can work specifically for creatives. So how do you get there? Let’s jump in and take a look.

Goal Crusher Workshop

More often than not, you have got more biz ideas than you know what to do with. What you need is someone to help you organize the chaos, and lucky for you, that’s what we are best at, babe! Running a business is probably the craziest decision you ever made. You love it, but are overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty details. How on earth are you supposed to be the head of every department for your business while also running your business strategically? Well, friend, we’ve got you. Our Goal Crusher Workshop is designed to help you get from step one to done, by unlocking step zero before you even begin. Next, we have a trick up our sleeves about running our business on-the-go super easy and efficiently. Then finally, find out the roadmap other successful business owners follow in order to make sure all their dreamy goals get done.

Win a Scholarship Seat to Rock Your Biz

You guys, we have some amazing news! Each and everyone of you has an opportunity to win a scholarship seat to our fabulous Rock Your Biz Program. Rock Your Biz is a 5-week online course for overwhelmed creatives who want to build productive, profitable and sustainable systems inside their business. To go from frazzled hot mess to master of systems, all you have to do is show up to the workshop and complete the workbook by Friday. We will be announcing the scholarship winner live on the workshop, so this is a do not miss event! For the workshop, you will also have a chance to enjoy a VIP bonus that is only available to those who are on live. So there is a lot to look forward to: knowledge, business gains, and amazing perks!

Is the Webinar Worth My Time?

A lot of people feel like everyone is doing webinars and they don’t really understand why it is worth their time. Now, we can bet that a lot of you listening have already been to one of our workshops and you can attest to just how bomb-diggity they are. We go live for 90 minutes and about 45 of those minutes are literally pure strategy. So that means mindsets, action steps, plans of actions, tips, hacks, and tricks. Literally everything. We show you step-by-step what you can implement in your business. Then, we will also be talking to you all about Rock Your Biz and why it is absolutely better than ever! We are going to show you all of the cool stuff you can do inside the program to take it even further. On top of that, we stick around for an extra 30 minutes for a bonus Q&A. Literally any question you have about systems, goals, and making it happen - you can ask us. We love brainstorming ideas that are specific for your business, to really get your customized systems set up for success.


You are going to see us dancing in the chairs!
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What to Expect from Our Webinars

In our personal opinions, we LOVE our webinars! They are super high energy and so much fun interaction with ya’ll. We actually get dressed for one of the first times during the week, we put lipstick on, we have coffee and it really is a fun time. Now, we absolutely do not say that lightly. We get to know you guys better, and we get to know your businesses a bit better, there’s no doubt about it! So many of you come away with not only a lot of “ah-ha” moments and strategy, but a lot of people feel really motivated and have a new energy surrounding their business and the things they want to accomplish. You are going to get a little bit of a kick in the pants (that you probably need), and we are really good at that. So if you need to hang out with people who just get it, then you definitely want to save your seat. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose!

Live Versus Replay: Why Hopping On a Live Call is Priceless

Now if you cannot make it to our live session, there will always be a replay. However, we want to encourage you to try and make it to our lunch break booty shake and hop on live. The conversations are priceless and to have that direct access is something worth staying up for. We have people all over the world and in different time zones getting up early and staying up late just to jump on the live call. You are going to feel like you are in a “hug” scenario with other people who are going to relate to you so much! You get to hear if Emylee is making up any new words, you are going to see us dancing in the chairs, and you are going to get to hear some amazing case studies from people who have gone through Rock Your Biz and the incredible changes it has made in their business and the impact it has had on their life and family. So go save your seat, right now!


  • Getting a look inside our Goal Crusher Workshop and what’s in store. [0:05:11.1]
  • Opportunity to win a scholarship seat to our fabulous Rock Your Biz program. [0:06:04.1]
  • Why attending the webinar is worth your time, and what you can gain from it. [0:09:57.1]
  • What to expect from our webinars; the feel, the mood, and the amazing takeaways. [0:11:20.1]
  • Live versus replay: why hopping on a live call is absolutely priceless. [0:12:32.1]




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