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Episode 267: Show Notes

On this episode of the Strategy Hour we have a very wonderful guest and conversation to share with all our listeners! Today, we welcome Jennifer Mary of Apple and Pear Wardrobe.  She is here to tell us all about how to curate your best wardrobe and the difference that it can make in your business and life in general. Funnily enough, Jennifer admits she is not the person who loves clothes more than anything, but she is obsessed with difference they can make to our lives. At the end of the day it’s all about what clothes mean to us and how they can make us feel. Let’s face it, we perform much better when we are feeling good and and we feel good when we look good, so really it’s quite a simple equation.

On this episode of the Strategy Hour we have a very wonderful guest and conversation to share with all our listeners! Today, we welcome Jennifer Mary of Apple and Pear Wardrobe.  She is here to tell us all about how to curate your best wardrobe and the difference that it can make in your business and life in general.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

We talk about compiling a great capsule wardrobe and decluttering your closet for a stress free mind and less decision fatigue. We also get into how to really dress according to your needs and to make the right impression. Jennifer shows how you can easily increase your levels of productivity and happiness by just making a few changes to your dressing habits and looking the part. A big takeaway from the episode is the idea that you can make a statement, wherever you are, with how you dress. Your clothes speak volumes about you, make sure show up in the right way!

Looking Presentable And Showing Up as an Entrepreneur

For many of us as entrepreneurs, not having to dress for a corporate office is a relief and something we embrace. But this can also lead to not getting dressed properly for a long time! Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons why not getting dressed can actually lead us into a bad space mentally and physically. We know that some weeks just seem to get the better of us and we end up wearing sweats and pajamas for pretty much the whole time. But Jennifer reminds us of the great gift that is athleisure! Current fashion is really your best friend and in today’s trends you can feel comfortable and look stylish. This is the best of both worlds and pretty much what you should be aiming for. Dressing comfortably does not have to equate to not dressing nicely just as in the same sense that dressing well does not have to mean dressing up. All of this is totally possible and it is only a mindset change away! As soon as you start this process, chances are you won’t look back and the changes you see will be infectious!

Dressing For Your Brand and Making A Statement

We are often the ambassadors of our own brand so in a sense your clothing should reflect the image that you want your company to have. Jennifer reminds us that dressing in line with the brand energy is way better than more literal visual representations of your biz. It’s not about logos, you can say so much about yourself and what you do by just dressing appropriately. It is a great way to attract potential clients and collaborators by showing the world who you are. For Apple and Pear Wardrobe, the energy that Jennifer tries to portray is casual, polished and funky. So when she is picking out clothes, she makes sure that the clothes communicate this vibe. It never has to be one dimensional, monotonous or look like a costume, just think of dressing like your ideal client and showing up as the best version of yourself! Here at TCC we decided that bright lipstick was going to be a significant choice for our brand, something that showed people who we were and what we liked. These choices attract and repel people and like we have said before, this is actually what you should be going for.


Just the act of getting dressed puts in you in a better mindset.
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The Research and Studies that Underpin Jennifer's Work

There have been plenty of books and studies that back up these ideas. However, to be honest it just comes down to your mindset about your clothes and how they make you feel. There is always a noticeable shift that happens when you get dressed and you need to find that fit that works for you. At the same time most of us have bigger fish to fry than what we wear so you do not want to be spending all your time on your outfits. We need to steer clear of any stress and anxiety on the issue. Buying more clothes is never the answer and usually leads to more indecision and problems than solving them. Jennifer suggests shopping once at the beginning of a season and then closing that door to avoid additional items. If you plan your shopping well, you can have a simple and effective plan for that whole quarter and not have to worry about it again! Sound good? We think so!

Curating and Sticking to Good Capsule Wardrobe

So there is no need to keep shopping, just make sure you love every piece when you get it and stay out of the stores. Less is definitely more in this situation! Even browsing typically has an intention behind it so stick to your plan! Abagail has found that being more and more picky is the answer for her. She no longer buys things unless she loves them and thinks it will be her next favorite item. That way she just has a closet full of favorites instead of stuff she kind of liked a while ago. When you buy great stuff, you are less likely to need to go back to stores any time soon! Jennifer reminds us that good enough is not actually good enough, aim for great or fantastic. Get rid of the excess from your wardrobe and keep things streamlined and stylish so you are always looking your best. These ideals all fit together nicely and sustainability is another leg of this table, fast fashion is not great for anybody! So with all these great tips are you ready to look your best? We know you are!


  • Looking Presentable and Showing Up as an Entrepreneur. [0:03:54.2]

  • Tips for Comfort and Style in a Flexible Schedule. [0:08:30.7]

  • Dressing For Your Brand and Making A Statement. [0:12:20.4]

  • The Research and Studies that Underpin Jennifer's Work. [0:21:17.2]

  • Simple Wardrobes and Higher Productivity Through Lower Choice. [0:23:42.7]

  • Curating and Sticking to Good Capsule Wardrobe. [0:26:09.9]

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  1. Get dressed every day!

  2. Plan the night before.

  3. Dress like your ideal client.

  4. Shoes define your style.


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Jennifer Mackey-Mary is a wardrobe stylist who’s on a mission to help female entrepreneurs elevate their personal brand with style. After dressing thousands of women over the last 17 years, she knows the key to making a great first impression comes within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. Jennifer is passionate about helping work-at-home business owners curate a wardrobe that aligns the personality of their brand with the comfort and flexibility needed for #momlife.


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