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Exactly How to Turn Your Vision Into Daily Actions

Episode 266: Show Notes

Ever been stuck with ideas and you just didn’t know if they were right for you or how to put them into action? We’ve been getting tons of questions from you all out there, and most of the questions being along the lines of, “How do you guys know when a product or a launch is the right thing to do?” and “When do you reassess and change things and how do you actually know that something isn’t quite right?” We’re here today to tell you about our past experiences and how we got to figuring it all out.

Ever been stuck with ideas and you just didn’t know if they were right for you or how to put them into action? We’re here today to tell you about our past experiences and how we got to figuring it all out.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

In our experience we’ve always just kinda “did it” and generally made it happen. There haven’t been many ideas that have come up that didn’t ultimately end up being created. We’re digging into how we originally started and how we knew it was the right choice for us.  We also delve into where our heads were at along the process and what you can do turn your vision into daily actions. From idea, to conception, to sale, we’re giving you both parts of our system. Be sure to keep listening to find out more!

Scrap It or Tweak It

Do you scrap an idea or a product just because your audience doesn’t like it or do you tweak it and change it until it aligns with what you’re trying to? If you find yourself asking this question, know you are not alone. Time and time again, we’re in the camp of just tweaking it instead of reinventing the wheel every time. Previously, we’ve taken a program and renamed it or changed the price, changed what’s inside and what’s included and sort of relaunched it as a brand new thing. However, this time we’ve taken a different approach by first ensuring our product is actually good and revamping it to make it even better. We started looking at the bigger picture and looking at the members we were serving. We didn’t change the name, we didn’t take away anything, we just reworked it to make it better and more fluid and serve all of you in a better way.

Is this Right or Does this Make Sense?

We’re often conflicted and finding ourselves caught up with “is this right” or “does this make sense?” We also find ourselves in the headspace of thinking we’re not our ideal customer because we have the knowledge and the skills and all the things we want to share with you guys. There’s so much content out there and we’re in the mix of it too. We wanted this to be so focused on actions and you guys making progress. We wanted you to see results more than anything else. For the majority of you that didn’t mean giving you another pile of strategies. Rather we endeavour to give someone the momentum they need to really plan, strategize and meet their intended business milestones. We want to bring this knowledge down to people who are just getting started.


Whatever it is your goal is, we want you to feel like there is someone there for you to help guide you through that process.
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The Greenhouse Effect

We designed this as a two-part system and we go into great depth about this system we call the Greenhouse Effect. Just to give you a brief overview, there are two key elements of the Greenhouse Effect, beginning with strategic goal setting. We want you to have a high level perspective that you’re able reduce all the way to the details, or essentially what you need to be focusing on everyday for your business. We’re giving you tools so you can go back and analyze results because, let’s be honest, most of us don’t spend the necessary time debriefing or reviewing past outcomes. We’re providing you the framework to actually set goals that matter and help you answer the question,“What do I work on today?”

The second key element involves structured accountability and we know this is something we all can benefit from. Some people are motivated by different things, hence the reason why we recommend utilizing a mix of different forms accountability. Some forms of accountability could involve reviewing the numbers (P&L statement, balance sheets) or often more effectively, other people (peers, clients, business partners). We wanted to create a community where you can get as soft and fuzzy accountability as you need as well “business woman/drill sergeant.” We have this amazing community where everyone comes together and is able to share wins and struggles and ask questions.

Spoiler Alert: Goal Crusher Club

Spoiler alert - we’re talking about the Goal Crusher Club. One of the cool new things that’s coming. This was a very strategic decision on our part where we went - “how can we add to the content pile that’s already there but provide very strategic action for our members?” Every single month we want you to feel like you’re checking more and more stuff off your list. Yes, we’re talking about the list of the shit that you know you need to do but always gets put off. The stuff that intimidates you, the stuff you don’t know how to do. The things that feel not fun and sexy so you end up just ignoring it. We’re hitting all those nails on the head and helping you get things moving, done faster, easier and smoother than ever. We want to create a space for you to be challenged, to check those things off faster and more often. We’re also introducing something we call Just in Time Trainings. These trainings are brought to you by us, industry experts, unknown geniuses, hidden gems of the online industry world, teaching you tiny, quick tangible wins. It’s formatted in a five day challenge which we know you guys love. It’s super actionable and it’s there to help you create more checks on that list.

Five Figures

We understand that a lot of online marketing is trying to reach people who already earn six figures. Although we 100% have people in our community who are there or well beyond, we want to reach those people who feel alone, like they don’t have anyone in their corner or those who are just starting out. Five figures for some of you is going to feel like a miracle. That could be all sorts of things. That could be anything from an extra thousand this year so that you could go on a trip, it could mean an extra 60,000 so you can replace the previous salary. It could mean an extra 80,000 so you can get ready for that big renovation you’ve been looking forward to. Whatever it is your goal is, we want you to feel like there is someone there for you to help guide you through that process. When we say, “If you’re ready to reach five figures”, we understand that a lot of you aren’t even there yet. We’re here to help you set tangible goals rather than outlandish, out of your mind kinda goals.

What Makes our Partnership Work?

There is definitely some voodoo magic going on between the two of us that we both just cannot explain. It’s hard for us to gift you those skills. We’re celebrating our 3 year anniversary this month and after 3 years of being in business together we have a good perspective of the things we used each year that have helped us reach the success that we’ve had. It boils down literally to this two-part system that we’ve structured this entire membership around: strategic goal setting and structured accountability. You might have one of those things or you might have half of one of those things. We’re not the first people to tell you about how to set goals and check your boxes and get your to-do list done. It’s not new but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. The unique thing that Goal Crusher club provides is a filter. It’s a filter for you to run every single decision through and make sure it’s all in alignment with your end goal and how you want to run your business.. This filter took us a while to learn but it’s a muscle you have to train and develop.


  • Do you just scrap something or do you tweak it? [0:03:25.0]

  • Is this Right or Does this Make Sense? [0:06:45.0]

  • The two-part system of the Greenhouse Effect. [0:11:49.0]

  • Spoiler Alert: Goal Crusher Club. [0:15:00.0]

  • The Five Figure market. [0:17:00.0]

  • What Makes our Partnership Work. [0:19:00.0]



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