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Introducing The Goal Crusher Club

Episode 200: Show Notes

Before we dive into anything, can we just have a moment of silence for the phenomenal fact that this is episode 200! And guess what? We’re not going anywhere – hopefully we will be around for another 200 episodes. If you’re listening to this right now, we’re sending you a big fat thank you. Your time, energy and ears really mean a lot to us. Now that we’re done jumping up and down in celebration of this 200-episode milestone, let’s move onto the topic of today’s episode…Spoiler alert, there’s something new in TCC land, it’s called the Goal Crusher Club, it’s available right now and it’s fricken’ incredible! We know that you’ve got more biz ideas than you know what to do with and what you need is someone to help you organize the chaos and hold you accountable. That’s what we’re best at, babe, and that’s what The Goal Crusher Club is all about – accountability.

We created The Goal Crusher Club to help you go from that frazzled hot mess to a master-of-systems goal crusher. This is going to be a super unique way to interact with us, other creatives and allow you to get elbow-deep into the mechanics of your own business. In this episode, we are going to walk you through why we created The Goal Crusher Club, how it will help you, how it is organized, what you can expect, the insane benefits and why it is the most unique course on the block! This club provides the perfect opportunity for people who are wanting to get more stuff done, get some hardcore focus, get some support and in-depth feedback and finally start reaching their goals. And did we mention it’s just $29 a month?

Why We Needed To Figure Out How To Communicate With Our Audience In A New Way

We’ve been having discussions about people and their course behaviors being different and shifting overtime. We’ve been wondering for a while now, what’s the next thing? What is it that people want after courses? Are courses going to be around for a while? What we realized is that people always want to learn, but that they want to learn in new ways too and they want to be sold to and marketed to in new ways too. You go through these ebbs and flows as an online business owner, no matter what your industry is. You tap into a new audience and they’re super excited about what you’re doing. But then the older that audience gets, the more familiar they get with your patterns, systems and routines. As a business owner your job is to be pivoting and riding those waves to ensure you do not get stuck in something that’s comfortable and safe. The idea for this new course has been percolating for a while. We were on a call and the idea just popped into our heads, clear as day: “We should do this!” And so we did… This year we embarked on a journey to really find what we love, what sparks our interest outside of TCC and keeps our creativity alive. We’re also on a journey of wanting to get on the ground level with our audience again; understanding that we could only do that in a way that was realistic and not overwhelming for us. There is a difference in how you are interacting with an audience of 50 versus as audience of 50,000 and as our business grew, we missed making those more personalized connections. So we had to figure out, how can we connect with our growing audience in a new way? And this is what we did…

We Decided To Start The Best Club In The Whole World!

So we decided to start a club and guess what? You get to join us! This is going to be a super unique way to interact with us, our business and also help you go from that frazzled hot mess to a master of systems goal crusher. It’s called the Goal Crusher Club and it is going to be a monthly membership for our overwhelmed creative babies that are listening, who want to build a productive, profitable and sustainable business.

So, how is this different membership different from every other membership out there? Well, first off, we can teach you about strategies and organization and systems all day long but at the end of the day there’s a difference between strategy and accountability. One of the things we’ve found is that we are asking our members over and over again inside our groups is, “If this is something you want to do, how is it tied to your big picture goal?” And a lot of the time our audience is just like, “I don’t know.” This led to us creating resources for them to help them try and figure that out. Enter  The Follow Through Method AND the Your Business Horoscope. These courses have helped so many biz baes, but how do we go beyond just courses? That’s where the Goal Crusher Club comes in.

What You Can Expect To Find Inside The Goal Crusher Club

Inside the Goal Crusher Club you get a unique accountability that isn’t set up anywhere else. It requires you to have such specific knowledge that is buried inside these two programs. You get the access to go through these programs, and then on a monthly basis we’re going to get in a group environment on Zoom to do a live group planning session. We’ll go through our monthly review, much like we have on the podcast and we’ll deep dive with you on how you can find these numbers for yourself. We’ll give them the ability to ask us questions so that we can ensure that they are picking goals that are aligned with what they want to accomplish on a quarterly basis and on an annual basis.

The things that we have heard from business owners who are struggling to maintain a consistent growth rate, is that it isn’t about doing the math. It’s actually having someone to MAKE you do it. We have an audience built of rebel creatives, and they know it would benefit them. They know what the data would show them. They know how to read analytics. But the act of actually doing it is non-existent because it’s just not that sexy! More than anything, The Goal Crusher Club provides a community that meets on a strict basis in order to hold you accountable as a boss. This is the closest thing to a business partner that we can gift you!

Did We Mention The Goal Crusher Club’s Quarterly Progress Check-In And Virtual Co-Working?

In addition to the monthly review sessions, The Goal Crusher Club also provides you with an in-depth, quarterly progress check-in. This is going to really help you realign what is going on in your business. Are you picking things that are moving you to where you need to be for the year? Then at the end of the year we are going to have a massive planning session to get you geared up for the future.

Another unique addition to this course is virtual co-working. When we were working alone, we get some things done, but when we work together we get far more done. It can be really hard when you’re in your office, alone, in your house and there’s no one holding you accountable. Netflix, Facebook... They all start looking really sexy. The truth is you can accomplish so much more with someone else around to hold you accountable. We just did a beta test on this to see what this would be like and it’s awesome. Essentially, everybody hops on the Zoom, and for the most part we are all mute but we can see each other. We can see into each other’s offices. You have the ability to pop questions in the chat, but we also do hourly check-ins to see where you are progress-wise. We know this is going to be hugely beneficial, and we’ll be doing them at least on a monthly basis. The main purpose of this Goal Crusher Club is accountability. Not only are you going to have people cheering you on and holding you accountable, but you are going to gain so much knowledge about the health and progress of your business and where you need to pivot, tweak and repeat.


This is going to help you go from that frazzled hot mess to a master of systems goal crusher.
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Find out How We Are Going To Help You Work Through Your Tasks

Although we are always using Trello and other online organizational platforms, seeing the health and wealth of your business on paper, is incredibly helpful. So, we designed a set of worksheets to help you go over your monthly day-to-day, analytics and your financial review – so that you can see what products and services are bringing in the biggest chunk to your business. We’re also going over yearly goals, showing you how to calculate growth and bringing more clarity to your cashflow. Knowing things like: calculating the value of your customer, conversion rates, key performance indicators – we’re going to be talking about these things a lot inside The Goal Crusher Club, because we want you to have things that you can measure against. And all of this would not be possible without the community. We’re going to have a Facebook group dedicated to members only because we know how it feels to be lost in a crowd of thousands of people! So, we want you to know you have direct access to us and our amazing team, as well as give you that camaraderie and accountability of the people who are on this journey with you. We also want to remind you that we are coming live to the monthly, quarterly, and annual sessions. You are going to have so much access to us, you might just get sick of us!

That’s All Well And Good Girls... But How Am I Going To Pay For This Membership?

If you’re asking yourself the above question, well the good news is we’ve decided to make this entire course just $29 per month. Plus, you can cancel at any time. You’re getting access to thousands of dollars of value every month for less than a dollar a day. This is less than the three drinks that Emylee orders at Starbucks! #justsaying.

This course is more of a schedule; it’s consistent, it’s a commitment and it’s designed for you to be accountable. So, if this is something you are struggling with, which we pretty much all do, then seriously, consider it!

If you’re still on the fence, well did we even mention the access we are giving you to our Masterminds? Included in this monthly price, we are facilitating Masterminds of 4-6 peers that are going to become your sounding board, your cheerleading squad, your accountability partners and possibly your new best friends. This is an amazing opportunity to really become aligned with more people in the creative space.

So, want to sign up? All you have to do is go to, dive in, sign up. Inside your online portal you will see a button to “Join Our Online Community” and in there, you’ll get access to our private Facebook group, where the majority of stuff is going to go down. This is a perfect opportunity for people who are just wanting to get more stuff done, get some focus, get some feedback and start reaching their goals. Have any questions? Head on over to and tag us in a post. We’re so excited to meet you and start crushing some goals!


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  • We Decided To Start The Best Club In The Whole World! [0:10:28.1]
  • What You Can Expect To Find Inside The Goal Crusher Club. [0:13:50.1]
  • Did We Mention The Goal Crusher Club’s Quarterly Progress Check-In And Virtual Co-Working? [0:18:00.1]
  • Find out How We Are Going To Help You Work Through Your Tasks. [0:21:50.1]
  • That’s All Well And Good Girls... But How Am I Going To Pay For This Membership? [0:24:22.1]



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