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Our Second Rock Your Biz Launch Breakdown

Episode 116: Show Notes

We are here for another launch breakdown, and we hope you are as excited as we are! Today we are breaking down our second Rock Your Biz launch. We are giving you the inside scoop and, believe me, it’s something you’ll want to hear. We learned a lot and we have a lot of stats to cover with you today because we like sharing the nitty gritty details, but you already know that!

We are here for another launch breakdown, and we hope you are as excited as we are! Today we are breaking down our second Rock Your Biz launch. We are giving you the inside scoop and, believe me, it’s something you’ll want to hear. We learned a lot and we have a lot of stats to cover with you today because we like sharing the nitty gritty details, but you already know that!  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

In case you are brand spanking new and don't know what the heck Rock Your Biz is, it’s a program that we opened and then closed just this month. We ran a free four-day challenge to kind of warm people up to the concept of what was going to be so good once we opened the doors. We had three webinars and it was awesome. To say we were the most baffled by this launch, ever, would be an understatement and babes, you’re hearing it all here first. So keep listening to hear more!

Enrollments for Rock Your Biz

As expected, we had our biggest surge of enrollments on Day 1 and that was solely because of the webinar. In the past we have done a challenge to make people aware of the webinar and thus the amount of people in the room is greater. This is the second time that we have let people know that not only is there going to be a webinar, way in advance, we also told them that in that webinar we’re opening the doors for this program. Usually when we host a webinar people should know that there’ll be a pitch at the end. The people were primed for the sale and they knew beforehand which definitely benefited the program. We literally had people wanting to buy in advance, they were so excited, and we now know that this strategy is not going to change because we know it works.

The Mid-Launch Slump

So you’ve heard how Day 1 went smashingly well, but Day 2, not so much. We’re telling you all about the mid-launch slump, and believe it or not, it happens. If you guys have launched anything we want to be solidarity sisters with you in the fact that the mid-launch slump is awful, it’s an infliction you just can’t shake. We’ve tried shortening the cart and lengthening the cart to mess with this weird slump and it’s the same, regardless. It’s just the same. If we could erase day two through to day five during a seven day launch, we would, because we hate it. You still need those days and they serve a purpose, but it isn’t about you and that’s the hardest part.

A Launch and A Webinar, Always

We had a $79,000 launch which was more than double the last time we launched this specific product. A double anything is amazing but to give you some idea, we thought we were going to do more than double our last sales numbers, even though the price of the product was different. The reason being is that we launched Strategy Academy and was then a part of an affiliate launch with a very similar price point to what we were launching and so we compared launch numbers and got some data. We anticipated recreating the same thing. Thirty percent of all sales were on live webinars. If you’ve ever thought a webinar doesn’t work, we’re right here, telling you that it does. We almost did a third of our total launch during webinars. In fact, we did a quarter of our total launch during webinar one. For us, having a webinar to open the cart is something we’ve always done and we’ll continue to do that.


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Breaking It Down

Of the people who purchased the program, we had 73% of them participating in the challenge. That is literally the exact same percentage point as last time. Is that odd? Yes. It’s just weird. To break it down, during webinar one we sold about $21,000, 43 people enrolled total in Day 1. About 35 of those were directly within that webinar and the rest came that afternoon and evening. Webinar one definitely kicked us off with a bang. Now, webinar two we decided to use Abagail’s birthday to our advantage and we told everyone we’re having a birthday party and we did an encore. We definitely want to talk about how we can tweak our webinars because two out of three times it didn’t work. It definitely did go up when we changed what we were talking about. We only had 4 people enroll in the second webinar, so compared to 35, not that great. During our third webinar sales weren’t that great but that was also the last day and people knew they needed to commit. We only got two during that actual webinar but we had 41 people enroll that last day in total which was nearly a mirror of the first day.

Payment Methods That Work

There is one thing we were very grateful for during this launch. Last time we did Strategy Academy we did an early bird discount. You literally had to be live on the webinar in order to get the discount. The discount only applied to full payments. We repeated the same thing and there was still a saving, even afterward. You always save with the one time payment. When you break your stuff out into payment plans, those 3/6/9 month payment plans need to be 20% higher than the full payment option. You add 20% and divide it up into how many months you want to break it down to. There should be a drastic savings when people pay in full because you want them to pay in full. You’re taking a risk as the business owner doing payment plans and when people pay in full it leads to fewer refund requests. 62% of our total launch will go down in the books as September revenue. That’s awesome, and we’re very happy about that!

Let’s Talk Ads

Literally, for a week, Facebook ads were broken, no jokes. There was something wrong with Facebook and we spent money and got no results on some of our ads. As much as we’re addicted to Facebook ads, it still comes down to not only ever relying on Facebook ads for you to be growing your audience and making your money. We spent almost $8,000 on a conversion ad to get people signed up for a free challenge and it worked amazingly well. We got about 4,200 people to sign up from that. We also did an engagement ad, spending about $132 to get in front of 4,200 people. We then did and engagement ad for a webinar, we spent about $100 and got in front of about 4,600 people. We did an ad for the Birthday Encore, spent another $100 and got in front of about 3,800 people. We did an engagement ad for the general cart opening, spent about $750 and got it in front of about 21,000 people. We then did a conversion ad, spent $190 and got no conversions. We did a testimony ad, $118 and got it in front of 7,200 people. We also did an encore replay ad, a click-ad, a cart close video ad and a cart close conversions ad. So overall we spent over $9,300 on Facebook ads.


  • Find out what we did differently with regards to enrollments for the Rock Your Biz program this time around. [0:04:40.0]
  • We’re telling you all about the mid-launch slump, and yes, it’s a real thing, babes. [0:07:29.0]
  • Insights to launching Rock Your Biz and and why webinars work for us. [0:09:15.0]
  • Breaking down some stats and financials of the launch for you. [0:10:40.0]
  • Understand what payment plans worked for us and why we prefer (and you should too) that people pay in full. [0:18:50.0]
  • We’re talking ads, what we did, what we spent, what worked and what didn’t. [0:22:18.0]


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  • Enrollments for Rock Your Biz.
  • The mid-launch slump.
  • A launch and a webinar.
  • Breaking it down.
  • Payment methods that work.
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