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The Boss Project Summit Is Here!

Episode 274: Show Notes

Guess what’s happening today? It’s the start of the Boss Project Summit! Did you just fist-bump the air? Because we sure did! This is like the day before Christmas, the first day of school, the thing we’ve been waiting for and it’s finally here! It feels like this has been years in the making, even though we’ve only been working on it for a couple of months, and the lineup is just insane! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, pause right now and head over to the Boss Project Summit website to get your free ticket because it’s all starting today!

Guess what’s happening today? It’s the start of the Boss Project Summit! Did you just fist-bump the air? Because we sure did! This is like the day before Christmas, the first day of school, the thing we’ve been waiting for and it’s finally here!  |  The Strategy Hour Podcast  |  Think Creative Collective

If you’re brand new to the podcast and it’s your first day on the internet ever, we are going to give you a quick rundown of what the French toast we’re even talking about. The Boss Project Summit is 100% free to attend and we’ve got sessions ranging from how to write a professional email, to perfecting your brand, to being profitable, and more! So inside this episode we are breaking down the highlights and themes for each day, which speakers to look out for, and how you can get your hands on the all-access pass to be able to watch the videos after the summit is over. So get your calendars ready, pencil in those must-see sessions, and let’s get this summit started!

The Boss Project Summit: What, When, Where

The Boss Project Summit is finally here! Summit attendees will enjoy over 40 keynote and breakout sessions geared towards getting your business growing, marketing, and making money this week. Every single video is going to be available for 24-hours and then they come down and get locked in the vault. If you want access to that vault, you need to snag your all-access pass. You can get your tickets at the door, right now by heading to the Boss Project Summit website, signing up for free and then on the Thank You page you will hear more about how to get your hands on that all-access pass.

Craft Your Brand: Discover Your Why and Nail Your Message

We have packed as much information as humanly possible into the four days of this summit. If we pack any more, you’d probably end up in the hospital from information overload. Legit, the quality of people, the incredible presentations, and the actual knowledge that these people have decided to let you in on is amazing! The theme of day one is geared towards crafting your brand, discovering your why, and nailing your message. We kick it off with Hilary Hartling, who will be talking about how to create your brand, vision, and voice to captivate your clients. Throughout the day you will hear from amazing people like Cathy Olson who designed our website and she is going to talk about the secret formula to infuse strategy in your web design. One talk that every single one of you needs to attend is Mason Aids’ talk on how to be inclusive in your copy. Then we’re rounding out for the rest of the day with another breakout happening with Laura Roeder from Meet Edger and a keynote happening with Christian Rivera, which is all about real talk and why branding is more than a logo. Then finally, we end the day off with Kira Hug, talking all about how to write a personality-driven sales email.


I know what’s happening and still, every time I look at the schedule I am blown away with how much value is going to be going down this week.
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Get Visible: Marketing and Selling Your Offer

We are firm believers that the main way you are going to sell more is to be more visible. This doesn’t necessarily mean a million content pieces; it just means being more out there for your audience to see. There’s a lot of different ways to do that, and because of that we’ve brought you a lot of different speakers coming from a lot of different perspectives. Regardless if you want to dive into Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or influencer campaigns, there is a solution for you today and you have to pay attention. Now, if there are things you haven’t implemented but are interested in trying, definitely attend the sessions that feel a little more out-of-the-box for you. You never know what surprises you’re going to get! For day two we have our friend Tyler McCall talking about Instagram, Emmy Wu talking about how to bring your brand story to video, Melissa Megginson from Tailwind talking about Pinterest traffic, Trena Little talking about YouTube. We want you to pick the one that you are going to focus on first to implement that strategy to actually see results. If you snag your all-access pass, you will have the ability to watch and re-watch all of these sessions when you want, for life. Which will help you to stay clear and focused for this  week!

Plan for Growth: Create Processes & Increase Sales

Rolling into day three, we’re going to help you plan for growth and this is going to dive into things that we know aren’t always sexy, but are extremely important. We have a lawyer, an accountant, a CPA, a bookkeeper, a CFO, all things finance as well as helping you handle different aspects of your business with things like operations and processes. The topic that we are most excited about is Jordan Gill’s talk, It's Handled: How to Olivia Popify Your Business Using ClickUP. Day three is also another long day, so there are many sessions we are jamming into that chunk of time, so you are going to want to make sure you really pay attention to the schedule page and pick the sessions that you absolutely want to tune into live. With some of these sessions, the speaker is going to be in the chat box with us, live to answer your questions. On day three you’re going to hear from people like Parker Stevenson, Zach Spuckler, and more! So definitely don’t miss out.

Scale Sustainably: Money Mindsets and Planning for Profit.

Day four will be all about how to scale your business and be sustainable though changing your money mindsets and preparing your business for profit. After you’ve taken in all of the tactics and strategies and ideas during the first three days, this is the one that’s really going to help you get focused on how to use them to grow, use them to stay organized, and actually be able to implement them. We start it off with our friend Stacy Tuschl who will be sharing the five steps to limitless growth in your business. We are also bringing back on our biz bestie, Jessica Eley! If you haven’t listened to her, it’s going to change your life. We have Haley Burkhead from Profit Planner, and our friend, coach, and mentor Caitlin Bacher is joining us for a unique Q&A session to talk about the mindsets and the growth hacks that need to happen in order to scale your business. Caitlin also shares some of the things that she personally went through that she foresees for you guys to go through and how to work around those. We are so excited, and can’t wait for this summit to get started!


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