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The Essential Shift You Need to Make to Conquer Anything with Jessica Eley

Episode 251: Show Notes

Hey amazing TCC tribe! We are so happy to welcome you back to another episode of The Strategy Hour Podcast. Today we have long time favorite and past guest Jessica Eley here to talk about how you can make the important shifts in your life to be able conquer anything and everything. Apart from being one of our “bestest” people in the world, Jessica is a verified badass and has loads of great stuff to share in this episode so you are not going to want to miss this one, we promise! We’ll be talking about finding points of resistance and ease, how to build up your confidence and basically tearing your life apart so you can build it all up again, stronger and better than ever.

Hey amazing TCC tribe! We are so happy to welcome you back to another episode of The Strategy Hour Podcast. Today we have long time favorite and past guest Jessica Eley here to talk about how you can make the important shifts in your life to be able conquer anything and everything.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

Make sure to stay tuned to the very end as we will be making an extra special announcement about an offer you can take advantage of! But before we get there we will be having the type of conversation in which we wish all our listeners will be able to participate. Open, honest and self aware, these are the qualities that are going to take you from where you are now to where you want to be! We talk about that elephant that we find to be in the room just a little too much, this idea that if you are struggling with something you can just pour more money into it and then hope that some change will just miraculously happen. This episode is all about how you can do better by using your potential and taking action!

How to Take Your Potential and Make the Most of It

Jessica believes that you do not always have to try and do everything all at once. Good advice, in our humble opinion too! Starting small, or with just a piece is a great way to build momentum and see some results relatively quickly. Sometimes taking action in a small sector of your life or business can yield amazing gifts and boost every other part of what you do. This is a great lesson for anyone who is trying to learn to improve their business or a project on which they are working. Sitting and deliberating over all your concerns is never going to get you anywhere but if you can identify a task or factor that you have power over, you can get to it and start the day right! It is quite common, and something we ourselves have done, to hoard ideas and information, waiting for the perfect time to address an issue. Jessica says you need to figure out exactly what you can and want to improve on right now and then take that step. Whether this is taking a course, listening to a podcast or adjusting a behavior, this skill of taking action in an appropriate area is vitally important to experience growth and success. When you have this skill down, spending money and time on endeavors can feel much less scary because of the confidence with which you pursue these goals!

Getting Down to Doing What Needs to Be Done

Here at TCC we have experienced certain frustrations around students not taking the action that is laid right in front of them. From the outside it can sometimes feel like it is obvious and just needs a commitment but Jessica reminded us that we all have our own difficulties and for some people a simple decision can be daunting. Points of resistance differ for everyone and these points should really be a guiding force in helping us to decide where to put our energy. These areas of resistance can be around our partners, family, our health or any number of other areas and it is of great importance to acknowledge where our own difficulties lie. In order for any change or shift to occur you need to first believe that a change can occur and it is so, so much easier to do this when you do not feel a huge amount of natural resistance to approaching it. Jessica reminds us that these shifts need to be made by ourselves and this belief in your ability to influence your own trajectory is paramount to the results.


Until you really believe that your effort will change something, there is absolutely no point in exerting effort.
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Actually Making The Big Shift Through Radical Honesty

Addressing these areas in your life can be really uncomfortable and journeying to parts of ourselves can be painful but you do need to be honest and face the hard truths. With that said, Jessica reminds us about finding the path of least resistance, especially initially. Through self-awareness and positive action we can all make a difference in our own lives no matter how we are feeling about parts of them. Jessica shared her own personal experience with taking up the habit of flossing and how this simple shift changed the way she ran her business. One day she just decided that she was going to stop thinking she should floss and actually floss and all of a sudden she felt that she could change things in her life. Now it might not be flossing for you, but this easy lesson is a great one for anyone out there. Find a small thing in your life that you can change and watch the positive ripples travel outwards after you make that change. We all have our own walls but we can all take ownership in an area that is not especially difficult. Look for what is fun and natural for you and start there. What is it that you instinctively prioritize? That is great place to begin!

How to Deal with Resistance to Things Around Your Business

So after these small beginnings you will notice the more of this type of ownership you take, the more belief spills over to the other areas of your life. In order to change the area where there is actually resistance you need some of that confidence and belief! This is why going to the gym, for instance, can lead to you conducting your business better. Your actions create results and the more examples of this you experience the stronger that feeling will become. The cycle of wanting to create a result, taking action and then seeing the fruit of your efforts is infectious and creates motion, that you can ride forward in your life. It is important to not think about it as conning yourself into progress, this is not about a mind game or tricking yourself, it is an iterative process of building your self belief to the point you can conquer mountains you would not have been able to initially. Jessica said it best when she told us, “Hope is not a strategy.” And we agree, you cannot wish something into existence, you have to put the effort in and what we are here to tell you is you can put that effort in in a smart and effective way. Come on, we believe in you!


  • How to Take Your Potential and Make the Most of It. [0:05:36.8]
  • Getting Down to Doing What Needs to Be Done. [0:15:49.2]
  • Actually Making The Big Shift Through Radical Honesty. [0:30:19.5]
  • How to Deal with Resistance to Things Around Your Business. [0:39:45.3]

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  1. Pay Attention to Why You Are Acting.
  2. Get Clear on Where You Natural Prioritize.



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