Work, Life & Play: An Exercise in Visualizing Your Dream Week

We all define success differently. We all have different ideas of what it means to have “made it”. No matter what the end goal is for our business (6 figures or bust, retire, play money, etc) we all have varying little “whys” that build up the foundation of why we work our booty off for these big dreams. Sometimes it’s easy to get tunnel vision and only focus on the gigantic goal and we miss the tiny levels of “we made it”. Stay tuned for a free download to help you with visualizing your dream week!

In order to congratulate us for the little things we have to know what they are, visualize them and realize their importance. Hint: there is no such thing as a silly little thing that you consider a tiny portion of “making it”. I really want you to spend today in reflection for the little things that you have accomplished or are getting accomplished soon because of your hustle. Maybe you finally moved to part time to focus on your small business. Maybe you were able to buy office furniture or a new computer to help you run things. Maybe you got to finally pay off that credit card from the reward of your hard work. These are all big game changers is the grand scheme of things!

Struggling to give yourself recognition for the little things? FREE exercise printable in visualizing your dream week. | Think Creative Collective

There’s scientific basis in writing things down. We know that when you write something down to we want to do or remember, there is a higher chance of actually accomplishing it. Well, why can’t we use this same concept for our work, life and play goals? If we spend the time writing down our current situation, the things we like and the things we’d like to change just maybe we’ll subconsciously start to focus on making those things happen.

I’m also a strong believer in the power of getting things out of your head and onto paper. When ideas are floating around in your head they can change daily, you can convince yourself they’re pointless, you can push them aside and you can trick yourself into believing they were never there since you’re the only one aware of them. However, when you put those ideas and goals on paper you get them out of your head and into a physical space. You begin to not just dream about them, but rather find ways in your work and life to actually make them happen. 

We don't need to be the ones to point out that running a profitable business helps make all your dream week ideas happen. When you have a business that runs itself instead of running you, you're able to make the most of your week. We both decided from the get go that we had to have a profitable business or these creative dreams wouldn't live long. We set up systems, learned sales processes, educated our clients and we get paid. 

Since we know this can sound all great while reading, but you’ll probably just walk away from this post taking no action we decided to make a guide for you to get it done. We created a worksheet for you to Visualize Your Dream Week. We recommend printing it off right now and writing down whatever comes to mind. No hesitations, just action. It’s a good idea to do it once and quickly so you can see what your main priorities are. Then put the worksheet where you will see it everyday. Read over it in the morning and start your day with intention on those goals. As you accomplish them redo the exercise. This will help remind you of all the tiny “you made it” steps that lead you to the big whammy. 

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