Introducing the Biz Chic Co-Op

We’ve spent the last 10 months giving you what you want. If you emailed us an idea for a blog post, we made it happen. If you begged for a worksheet or guide, a particular Q & A topic, or a how-to we gave it to you. About 6 months ago we decided to bundle every freebie we have ever offered (plus some!) all in one place and gave you an all access pass to Backstage. Inside Backstage you’ve been able to organize blog posts, learn Instagram growth strategy, define your muse (ideal client), set goals, get inspired and so much more. 

Introducing the Biz Chic Co-op, the new membership inside the Think Creative Collective.

Well, we’ve heard you asking for more. We know you want more tools to organize blog ideas weekly and monthly. You’d like a way to set short and long term goals for your business with an easy way to follow through. You think it’d be helpful to have an overview of your business growth month-by-month that’s easy to track and analyze. You’ve asked for the exact formula to figure out your pricing as well as a template to keep track and forecast earnings. We think there’s no better time to get your hands on these strategies than right now, right before you begin a new year in business.

“You’re my magic fairy business godmothers, my goodness.” 

We not only wanted to provide you with top notch business tools right now, but we wanted to be there for you all year long. We know that as you grow and succeed there are new tools and new strategies that you need to master, but it’s difficult to take them all in at once. So wouldn’t it be great if new content was released every month giving you time to focus on one thing? 

“Solid information presented in a fun way from people I trust. Your enthusiasm feels real and is contagious.”

So this probably sounds like a dream come true, but you’re almost ready to leave because you know you probably won’t be able to afford it. You can’t justify buying one more course or spend time watching one more webinar that “has all the answers”. Well, we heard you there too. Since small business owners are kind of our favorite people we molded this around your budget. You’ll be able to be a part of this for less than your last Target binge and spend. 

“Once again, I have 2 pages of notes that I scribbled down of awesome new aha moments and things to do in my business. I truly am so thankful for this group and the leaps and bounds that my business and my professional confidence have taken.”

We’d like to introduce you to our baby, our love, the Biz Chic Co-op.

A monthly membership that unlocks key strategies, worksheets, e-books, webinars and guides specifically targeted to helping your small business grow. Every month will be geared around a new topic or theme which will help you stay focused on tackling individual business goals without the overwhelm. All the materials will be available inside a private member page for unlimited downloads, views or prints. You’ll also have access to the previous month’s content even as a new month rolls out so you can go back whenever you like. We’ve got plans for you.


“Literally just got everyone in my office organized thanks to the printables by Think Creative Collective.”

You can choose the membership plan that works best for you. Stick with the Free version of Backstage or upgrade to Biz Chic Co-op for as little as $22 per month for six months. There’s also a Basic plan that lets you try it for three months at $25 per month. Every month you’ll be automatically charged so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing. 

“You are both truly awesome and I’m so happy to be sitting here today working on next year’s dreams and I owe so much of it to you.”

So what are you waiting for? Go right now and pick the plan that works best for you and unlock a full month of content right now. If you want to see what’s waiting for you we have listed each item inside our shop, but trust us your membership will save you big. 

If you’ve ever wished for business tools that made sense and were affordable there is no better place for you than Biz-Chic Co-op. We’ve got an entire year’s worth of content ready to share with you and that is just the beginning. You do not want to put this off because trust us when we say this is the lowest intro price to get into Biz-Chic, ever. Not only are you getting tremendously valuable business tools, but you’re getting in on one of the best (we might be biased) communities around. We’re brewing up a crowd of givers, supporters and cheerleaders and we love them hard. Won’t you come join us?

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