How to Focus on What Really Matters for Your Business in 2016 (Here are the tools that will help)

Last week we finally got to unveil something we’ve been dreaming of and working on for months and months. If you missed the announcement you definitely want to head here to read more. Today we’re giving you a look inside so you can see firsthand the amazingness that waits for you behind your Biz Chic Co-op Membership. 

How to Focus on What Really Matters for Your Business in 2016 (Here are the tools that will help) | Think Creative Collective #BizChicCoop

We’ve been called “magic fairy business godmothers” (if we could only get that on a t-shirt) and that we “inspire, pump you up and keep you accountable”. We couldn’t ask for better testimonies so thank you guys for them! We wanted to keep the momentum going and put together just one more thing that can propel your business forward. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain of Biz Chic Co-op.

Once you enroll in your membership (you can view available plans here) you can sign in directly on our homepage. That will unlock all the hidden members only content of Biz Chic. Here you’ll be reminded of why you invested in your business and our recommendations for how to get the best out of your membership. 

We’d also LOVE to see how you’re using your materials so please give us a share and tag #BizChicCoop on Instagram (we may or may not be ready to share your post). 

Take a peek into the members only Biz Chic Co-op | Think Creative Collective

Now you can get into the nitty gritty. Included with your Biz Chic Co-op membership you get unlimited downloads and prints of all the digital materials we provide. Just revealed in December’s content:

  • Yearly Business Goal Worksheet
  • Monthly Business in Review Worksheet
  • Pricing Formula Worksheet
  • Profitability Tracker (Excel Workbook + How To Use Video)
  • Blog Brainstorm Worksheet
  • Swipe Worth Files (for Client Communications)
  • Blog Calendar
  • 2016 Desktop Calendar
Take a peek into the members only Biz Chic Co-op | Think Creative Collective

We know sometimes you might want more coverage on a topic. That’s where our (continuously growing) 150+ blog posts come in handy. We’ve handpicked posts that pertain to that month’s topic and placed them directly in the sidebar of your membership page. 

Stuck on a strategy? Have a big a-ha moment? Simply can’t find what you’re looking for? Have an idea for new content? We’d love to hear from you. We’ve also popped in easy to fill out forms for you to drop us a message. 

We like to showcase our favorites so you’ll see some shout outs from other small business owners. We only place ads from business that we personally use, love and that help our business. This month we’re featuring Belong Magazine and J.Lynn Designery. Interested in advertising? Send us a message. 

Finally, beneath your Biz Chic content you’ll find materials we think you’ll love from Backstage. A lot of the guides or worksheets that we’ve made for you there will help you tremendously as you organize, plan and strategize for your small business. 

You never have to worry about missing new content because your membership automatically renews. So on the first Thursday of every month you’ll unlock all new content inside your member page. Spoiler alert: next month’s content is amazingly social….

Still not a member for some reason? You want to get in on this. Not only will we be adding brand new worksheet and guides every month, but we’ve also got some webinars with some amazing people coming up. The only way to access the replay forever is to be a member so pick your plan now and dive right in to this month’s content. 




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