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10 Productivity Tools Your Small Business Needs to Organize, Plan, Streamline and Succeed

We were finally able to spill the beans about our secret project! Yesterday we gave you a peek behind the curtain of our new members only subscription service, The Biz Chic Co-op. Just in case you missed the announcement you’ll want to read up all about it here. You see we only have your business success in mind when we unveil new services for you. We wanted to create an affordable, but jam-packed place where you can find all the necessary tools to run your business. 

You see we only have your business success in mind when we unveil new services for you. We wanted to create an affordable, but jam-packed place where you can find all the necessary tools to run your business.

We’re small business owners just like you so we know that setting intentional goals with specific follow through steps, organizing your calendar for the month and checking in with your business stats can make a difference. Just revealed in Biz Chic Co-op are some amazing bundles of worksheets and guides to give you what you need to check things off your list and stay focused. Today we wanted to touch on everything that’s inside these bundles and exactly how you can use them for your own small business. 

The Blog Planner Bundle

The Blog Planner Bundle

We know you’ve heard how great blogging can be for your business. Heck, we saw a 510% growth in our subscriber list once we started blogging regularly and continue to see 9k visitors per month so we know you can see similar results. You just need strategic planning. 

Blog Calendar: We’re big believers in the effects a blog can have on your business. If you’re ready to start one or maybe have been sporadically posting this guide is for you. You’ll be able to plan out a full month’s worth of content on one worksheet and track the results of your best performing post. We recommend downloading a full year’s worth of worksheets so you can plan for the long haul!

Blog Boost Weekly: We have created a printable perfect for keeping your blog on track. You can use it as your planning tool to title new content. Keep it around to check off your engagement across social media platforms. And assess the results every week - "hearting" your favorites and seeing the real traffic numbers. We would suggest printing one a week and using it to track for the next month. See if it helps you stay on task. See if there is new growth. Use it to see what is and isn’t working. Keep it in a binder so you can come back and look at it later.

Blog Brainstorm: Brainstorming new blog content can sometimes be overwhelming, but with a great way to jot down ideas, this worksheet makes it a lot easier. We will prompt you with questions to get your mind churning with new ideas in no time.

Goal Bundle  |  Think Creative Collective

The Goal Setting Bundle

How many times have you had a goal in mind but you just feel like it’s the impossible? You have no idea how to get there and snag it. Well, we’ve been there so we put together an amazing Goal Setting bundle for you to make short and long term goals, track your achievements and note areas for improvements. 

Yearly Goals: If you’ve used The Daily Download: Goal Setting worksheet then you’ve probably mastered tackling your immediate goals. But what about your year long achievements? The best way to not feel totally overwhelmed is to break it down in steps. Use this guide to forecast your entire year so you can check things off one at a time. 

Monthly Business in Review: Taking a look back at the progress your business made in one month is the best way to strategize new ways to grow. Use this guide to set goals, track blog posts traffic, view website analytics at a glance and more. Including a full 12 months worth of worksheets, this guide will give you a look into your business like never before. 

Goal Setting - Daily Download: The key to making your to-do list done. Use this download to track your two most pressing goals. Make them specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. The time piece is already buttoned up for you – because it will be done tomorrow.

The Profitability Bundle

Last but not least you most definitely want to make 2016 your most profitable year yet. We know it can get confusing what to charge, especially when you forget to factor in your own time! These worksheets will help you determine your pricing as well as track your potential income for the year.

Pricing Formula: If you’ve ever struggled with the actual formula behind pricing you’ll love this worksheet. You’ll now be able to build pricing with your goals in mind. It’s easy to forget that you might want to buy groceries this week or pay that water bill, but the formula will factor it all in for you.

Profitability Tracker: Wouldn’t it be great to see your projected income at the end of the month or year? Use this Excel Tracker to input potential clients, paid deposits, mileage and more.

Swipe Files: How to Talk to Your Clients About Money: We know it’s easy to get tongue tied when talking money with your clients or customers. Whether it be about raising your prices or setting yourself up as premium we’ve got you covered. Get scripts, quotes and ideas on exactly how you can make these conversations a breeze. 

We want 2016 to be your best year yet. We want you profitable, organized, and streamlined. We also know that sometimes you need a little bit more structure and accountability to get that done. We know the Biz Chic Co-op is the perfect fit for you and your small business. We cannot wait to see you inside! Head here now to pick your plan.

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