7 Reasons Why You Haven't Started Your Dream Business (And How to Kickstart Your New Success)

I have heard all of your excuses. And heck, I have been there. I spent nearly 5 years desperate to do my own thing, but too scared to even try. I had a little side business, but it was far from booming.

I remember sitting on my couch and getting so excited when even one person visited my website. Times sure have changed, but I want you to rest assured you are not alone and there are so many amazing resources available to you!

7 Reasons Why You Haven't Started Your Dream Business (And How to Kickstart Your New Success)  |  Think Creative

I’m too busy to do what I love. 

Pish-posh. You cannot make time your excuse. Do this little exercise with me. Write down your typical week. Yes all of it, including feeding the dog and showering. Now take a new piece of paper and write out how you would love to spend your week. Stop. How could you incorporate more of what you love into your normal week? My guess is you have time, you are just wasting a bunch of it on things you hate to do. 

What if instead of cleaning the house or doing laundry you hired someone to come in every other week. What kind of time would that free up for you?

I could never do this. 

Let’s shift your mindset. Negative thoughts and negative talk can set you up for failure. Instead of killing your dreams, what if you could lift them up. I challenge you to write a list of everything you dream of doing. And instead of making it a massive to do, change your mindset. Call it your business bucket list. 

For more details on this exercise, hop over here

I don’t know where to even begin.

The best place to begin is to start dreaming of where you want to go. Set out some realistic goals and put some accountability into practice. Focus on your passion and find a way to put that into action.

For some practical advice on goal setting start here, or if you are ready to ramp up quickly here are the 7 steps to opening your creative business. This guide includes a free business plan template and launch strategy. 

I have no clue how to transition from a full-time job to full-time working for myself. 

Transitioning from one job to the next is hard enough. But transitioning from a job where you were used to being given tasks and fulfilling them to one where you are your own boss can be tough.

After 5 years of fretting, I thought my transition plan would take somewhere between 6 months and 2 years. I ended up doing it and 30 days and it was the best decision (aside from marrying my husband) that I have ever made! Here are some more details about my story

I don’t know how to make money doing what I love. 

There is a way. There is always a way. And generally it isn’t coming up with the actual products or services that is tough, it is figuring out how to price them and still make a decent living.

Newsflash, Pricing Has Nothing to Do with Numbers! Find out exactly what I mean, and don’t miss your chance at snagging the FREE step-by-step guide: 5 Steps to make Your Creative Hustle Profitable.

My friends and family don’t think I can do this.

Having a supportive tribe is crucial for you to succeed. You need people in your corner shouting "Go for it!" You need reassurance when things are looking down. But let’s face it, not everyone is going to get it, especially when you are starting out. 

Try to separate yourself a bit from the situation, at least at first. Push yourself to move forward and continue working hard. That tribe will form and you might even be lucky enough to find your Biz BFF.

I have no idea how to navigate marketing, blogging or social media for that mater. I need that to be successful right? 

Well you have landed in just the right place. The archives have well over 100 articles that are suited for everyone from the established long time business owner to the total newbie. There are posts covering everything from Generating Organic Buzz to Quadrupling Your Instagram and so much more! 

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