Why You Should Become the Face of Your Business

I am a firm believer in making YOU the center of your business. But hiding behind the computer screen just isn't going to work for you or your business. It is important to show your face. These images must appear just as on brand as any other photography you use in your business. Emylee Williams my Biz BFF and fav lifestyle photographer is here to tell you all about it! (P.S. Don't miss our BIG announcement on Thursday)

Back when I first got into Instagram and following “big names” on their blogs, one of the things I really loved about certain accounts were their phenomenal images. Here they had such beautiful and brightly lit images of their latest DIY project, recipe in action, or outfit. Well, I also noticed that there seemed to be a disconnect in the quality of images they were sharing their work in and the images they used to represent themselves - or worse - there were no images letting me know who they were in the flesh. It felt like I couldn’t get to know them or see them in any better light than a backwards iPhone camera selfie. 

Why You Should Become the Face of Your Business  |  Think Creative

Around this time last year, I began shooting Lifestyle Marketing Sessions and dubbed what I like to call the “Action Head shot”. It’s simple - it’s you in front of the camera, beautifully lit like your business images, styled to match your brand, showing your clients and fans exactly what you do. These sessions help give your brand visual representation so your clients can begin to put a face to the name and build a personal level of trust with you. 

Emylee Williams Lifestyle Marketing Sessions  |  Think Creative

I'm probably not the first to tell you, but actually putting a face to your biz changes the nature of your biz and how clients think and feel about you immensely. It humanizes what you do, adds a personal touch, let's people feel like they "know" you and adds trust and value like no other. 

Emylee Williams Lifestyle Marketing Photography Session  |  Think Creative

Lifestyle Marketing sessions are perfect for almost every type of creative girl boss.

Bloggers, photographers, marketing strategists, coaches, you name it. My clients use their images as professional head shots, non-selfie profile pictures, Instagram and social media stock marketing pieces, website images, for presentations, again - you name it! 

Emylee Williams Lifestyle Marketing Photography Session  |  Think Creative

The importance of putting a face - your face - to your biz is invaluable.

If you are in the area of Kansas City, MO or Tulsa, OK (and nearby cities) I would love to be the photographer for your lifestyle marketing session. You can read more about it and see packages over here. If you aren’t in those areas - no worries! I recommend that you search your area and ask around for talented photographers. Specifically look for photographers that specialize in “lifestyle” shooting - this will insure you get a more natural and non-stuffy look. I’ve helped creatives in other states narrow down their choices so they are able to email the photographer asking about booking a Lifestyle Marketing session. Please send me over an email if you need help deciding! 

I know the changes that can happen for you once you starting getting in front of the camera and act as the face of your business. I know you’re proud of what you’ve created - now show it! 

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