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How Branding Gives You "Legitability"

Have you ever felt a tiny bit of website shame directing people to check out your work? Have you still not printed business cards because you don’t know how to represent yourself? Are you struggling with connecting the dots of all your social media accounts so they have a cohesive look? Then you’re missing one (big) thing. You need brand “legitabilty.” 

And today my Biz BFF and comrade, Emylee Williams, will chat with you all about how to get some of that "legitness" added into your biz. (P.S. We have an awesome announcement tomorrow that you don't want to miss. P.P.S. I am still booking for September, so scroll to the bottom to read more about it!)

I was in this exact limbo early this year. My business was transitioning to offer more and new services. I was figuring out my new ideal client. I was reorganizing and renaming my social media accounts. Heck, I was still deciding if I liked hot pink or not. My brand was a hot mess. I knew I couldn’t keep going all over the place like I was.

How Branding Gives You "Legitability"  |  Think Creative

There's this certain feeling that comes from having other people help you build your brand. I've decided to name it legitability. When you're in zone of getting by with the DIY, or the graphics your cousin made you, or that free template and you just know there's something missing, that something is legitability. 

You know how when you go out to eat and that meal that you might have been able to make at home just tastes that much better? It makes you feel that much fancier? That same feeling comes when you work with an expert for your branding. I was in a strange position of having a lot of design skills and a good eye. I can figure out a new platform very easily and actually like implementing new tech ways just to learn them.

But something still felt off about my brand. I sent in my website to critique on various business pages, friends, and even user test sites....and I got all positive feedback. I'm not saying this to rub anything in, but I'm telling you that even though what I had created could've been someone's awesome it felt like my hand-me-down. Logo design, branding and web design isn't what I spend my hours in the day trying to get better at. I needed some legitability. 

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Deciding to trust an expert in perfecting your brand look and message is so hard, but oh so worth it. It’s nerve wrecking hoping that someone will just “get you” and that you’ll love what comes out the other end. I found that the entire brand process isn’t just a brain dump and a prayer. No, it’s so much more than that.

A brand expert will walk you through step-by-step what they can do for you and why your business needs it. They’ll let you know how long each step takes and how you can best communicate with them your wishes. I got to make a Pinterest board full of images that I loved (non-brand related). I pinned succulents, and colors, and textures and food and outfits and architecture. All of this will help your brand expert get a feel for what makes your heart sing. 

Emylee Williams Pinterest Brand Board  |  Think Creative

There is something magical that happens when you step out with your all new, completely custom to you brand. You will totally rock your stuff. You will be able to take yourself so much more serious and your clients can feel that too. 

Because once the legitabilty sets in there are so many things you feel like you can do and so many things you feel like you now have the power to say no to. Yes, you can charge that. No, you don't have to book that client for 'portfolio building'. Yes, you can approach that vendor. You got this babe. 

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