Entrepreneur Diaries: Finding Your Biz BFF

I have always been the kind of girl who had a couple friends.  I was crazy close to these few. Naming those amazing friends throughout my lifetime has been easy, they all fit on one hand.

When I started my business, I feared I would be cutting too much of my social life out. It wasn’t uncommon for me to become close to a project manager or other work connection. By working from home and being a boss of one, I wasn’t sure how making friends would even work.

Entrepreneur Diaries: Finding Your Biz BFF  |  Think Creative

Sure, I had friends in other organizations or people I had met through various groups, but nothing ever seemed to click the way I needed it to. My bestie from college continued earning top honors despite being 2 hours away and only having time to chat every couple weeks. (Doesn’t mean I love her any less)

See the interesting thing about this story is I wasn’t even looking for a friend. I was satisfied. I knew I had a support system. And I really enjoyed meeting new people, I didn’t feel the need to settle down anytime soon. And heck, my tribe was already growing!

Then like a bolt of lightening, friendship struck in a way I never expected. I found my Biz BFF. Yes we can talk about anything, from marriage, to being puppy mommas to everything in between. But the thing that was different is she gets me and she gets my business.

Meet Emylee Williams

Emylee Williams of Emylee Says on Think Creative

Ok. Ok. Ok. I know what you are thinking. Who writes a whole blog post dedicated to another entrepreneur. This sounds more like a girl crush than a real thing.

You have got it so totally wrong.

I met my Biz BFF online. Come to find out we grew up in the same city, with plenty of opportunities to cross paths, but it never happened.

We went through all the same “career” crazies.

We both have the same dreams for our future (think BIG people).

But most importantly, we feel the same way about you - our readers, followers, and fellow creatives. We want you to succeed. We want to watch you grow. We want to be part of your success. 

Emylee is the ying to my yang!

Even though we practically share the same vocabulary, often finishing each other’s sentences and would probably gag you with our “oneness,” we both still have different strengths.

Emylee is a huge PLANNER! She is super ORGANIZED. And loves helping other bosses make bank. – If you haven’t checked out Emylee Says yet, you are so totally missing out!

I am much more a fly by the seat of your pants, pretend you got it all together, figure it out once I already promise to get it done kind of crazy.

So what does this mean for you?

I haven’t the slightest idea. Over the last month Emylee and I have been brewing up some crazy plans, which don’t quite have the stamp of approval. But, I reckon you will be seeing a lot more of her so I thought I ought to mention this amazing chica to you.

How can you find your own Biz BFF?

Have no fear, the day will come and you will wonder how you ever managed without your secret weapon.

Asking to find your Biz BFF is like wishing for the tooth fairy to come… in college! You can’t just expect someone to drop magic fairy dust on you. You have to put yourself out there.

Meet new people. Drink a TON of coffee. Find someone who says things online that totally resonate with you. Tell them! They can’t read your mind, let alone know when something clicks for you.

Don’t be shy. I know it seems easy to hide behind that keyboard. But stop and introduce yourself, you never know what mysteries may unfold.

I encourage you to be yourself. And if you already have a Biz BFF, tell me about it! I would love to know your story!

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