The Evolution of the Workplace

We have such amazing jobs! Everyday we get to teach, guide and chat with creatives and business owners trying to find their niche. We get the hustlers that are ready to take their businesses to the next level and make what was once a “side gig” into their full time “job”. Having these conversations is always interesting though, because we always bring up the option of it being their full time job way before they will. We throw the idea out there and start to put plans in place to make it happen and we usually begin to see this wall come up. That somehow this idea of making your own way and actually doing what you love for a living and not working in a cubicle all day is a pipe dream.

The Evolution of the Workplace  |  Think Creative

We are here to tell you that it’s not. This is real for us and it can be for you too. You have the power to change things up and you get to define your normal. If your normal doesn’t look like the “traditional” office inside corporate America then don’t let it be. We have so much more freedom and power these days to carve out new ways for us to “work” in the world.

The workplace has changed drastically on its own without our help. Where we used to have more door-to-door salespeople there’s now more “9-5” (more like 8-7) office jobs where you get designated lunch hours and maybe some vacation time. In just the last few years we’ve seen more and more graduates finding a harder time landing jobs or finishing degrees. We both knew we didn't want to do it any other way but our own and that is why both of us decided to take matters into our own hands.

We knew we couldn’t just keep moving from one degree or one job to the next and find our kind of happiness. We had to change things up. It’s incredibly easy today to get to work with so many people and businesses across the globe, to use online platforms to teach and create in a space that makes money, and to put out there the things that we are good at and and love to do . . . and get paid for it.

So what’s stopping you? When you get in the headspace that this thing can actually happen and make you money what’s stopping you from going for it? You don’t have to already be a mega millionaire or have any certain degree or training to make this happen. There are hundreds of small businesses that started in someone’s garage or basement or home office that are totally blowing it out of the water. Susan’s story - the founder of Freshly picked - is one of my all time favorites and is so similar to all the stories we hear everyday.

It just takes guts. It just takes planning. It just takes doing. When you start to treat your “side hustle” like the business that is (even if it’s not fully there yet) you will begin to see results. You will know where to invest, what to tweak, where to put your own elbow grease in and what to let go. There are some big ways we can help make your business start looking, feeling and running like a business. This is what we do. This is what we are good at.



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