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Your Digital Welcome Mat – i.e. Your Website

I am foremost a designer and I believe a beautifully designed anything has the power to sway your opinion. There is a reason that a gold foiled cereal box flies of the shelf twice as fast and at twice the price. Design has the power to persuade. It can mean the difference between buy now and see you later. But to completely seal the deal - your story, your voice, and your copy - has to match with authenticity the vibe your design is putting out there.

Your Digital Welcome Mat - i.e. Your Website  |  Think Creative
“You don’t have a store front, you have a website. Only put your best stuff in the window.” – Nicki Elledge Brown, Communication Stylist

The age old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is completely bogus. People make instant judgments constantly. 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website (source). You should definitely start caring what happens to them!

Visitors instantly need to know who you are, what you do and why they should care. This should be communicated visually and through the written word. You must be able to communicate your value and make it enticing to those who need it most (i.e. your ideal audience). You should always strive to communicate in a smart, authentic way. Your confidence should shine, but highlight all your best features.

I want your “online” personality to completely match your inner persona; the kind that oozes out when people get to have a cup of coffee and a private conversation with you. When someone lands on your website, now is the time to establish credibility, focus on clarity, be conversational and create a connection.

Your website is your digital welcome mat.

It is your opportunity to show your guests a little hospitality. How are you going to invite them in, showing them a quality time and getting them to stay awhile?

Don’t feel like you have to unload your whole life or biz story. Your website should be the “cliff notes” of your business. It should summarize, paraphrase and do a heck of a good job explaining a complex subject in the shortest amount of space possible so people get the gist of what you're about within a few moments.

Your Website Is Your Digital Welcome Mat - Invite people in and show them a bit of hospitality!  |  Think Creative Collective

Make it interesting. Show off your personality. Make your website your home. Have limited ideas about how to get started? Let’s chat! Whether you need a little copy refresh, a total renovation or are building from scratch, I can help you make your “house” a “home”.

Set up a 15-minute free discovery call to chat about how we could build the blueprints and framework together for a successful business. I can’t wait to get started.  

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