Abbie Is Not An Enneagram 3, There I Said It

Episode 302: Show Notes

Hi everybody! On today’s show we are talking about one of our favorite things — personality tests! If you know us at all you know we can’t get enough of these kind of exercises and understanding where we fit into each and every system. Today we will be discussing Enneagrams, our types, and Emylee’s controversial opinion that Abagail was mistyped in her first assessment. Enneagrams are relatively new to us, with Abagail doing hers first, just under a year ago. However, Emylee still feels she has enough expertise to assert some claims over Abbie’s type and what it really is, contrary to the results.

Hi everybody! On today’s show we are talking about one of our favorite things — personality tests! If you know us at all you know we can’t get enough of these kind of exercises and understanding where we fit into each and every system.  |  The Strategy Hour Podcast

We are doing this episode in the lead up to the Enneagram and Coffee Summit that is happening very soon, which we will be speaking at! So to get you excited for that, we will be spilling the beans on everything we know about the subject and how we relate to it. Remember to go get your tickets for the summit while you still have time! And if you haven’t already done the test, go take it immediately. You know you want another way to understand yourself! In the meantime, tune in to today’s episode for an in-depth look at how it all works.

Emylee and Abagail’s Types

So our results after each taking the test were the same! This might sound surprising but we both came out as type 3s with different wings. Abbie got type 3 with a wing 2 and Emylee got type 3 with a wing 4. But this is where Emylee disagrees with the test results! Type 3s are achievers and competitive and thus many entrepreneurs fall into this category. Abagail definitely has some of these characteristics. Type 2, Abagail’s wing type, is the helper which is also not so surprising. However Emylee believes very strongly that this is not the most accurate result for Abbie. After doing some digging and looking around, some people on Instagram actually commented the same thing, they also thought that Abagail is definitely not a 3! One person in particular stated that she thinks Abbie is a type 6 or a type 9. Type 6s are analytical and have a strong need for security, 9s do a lot of self-sacrifice, are a bit introverted and so on. This really resonates for Emylee and she believes with all her heart that Abbie is actually a 9 with a wing 8. Another interesting dimension is that both 9s and 3s want to give the air of having everything together which is why they can be mistyped!


I think some of you might be surprised to know that we are the same type!
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Types, Wings and Figuring it All Out

The wing types surround your primary type, they are the numbers next to it. So for Emylee as a type 3 she could either have a wing 2 or a wing 4. Emylee sees that Abbie is definitely wing 8, which is all about leadership. Emylee’s mom took the test and unsurprisingly, she came out as a 4 with a wing 3, the exact inverse of Emylee. The test helped her mom clarify some things on why her business might not have grown as much as she had hoped and some of the reasons there is a contrast between her biz and Emylee’s. Type 3 with a wing 4 is really much more suited to growing a successful business quickly, focussing on what is necessary. We also want to think about how our strengths and weaknesses, in conjunction with each other can help us on our way to success. Different parts of ourselves aid and prevent success, knowing this can help us balance our qualities for the best!

Abagail’s Real Type

So at the request of Emylee, Abagail redid her test and guess what she got? Her primary type was a 9 and it seems her wing was an 8, although there was some confusion over the wing results. She does still have a lot of the tendencies of a 3 and this can all be a bit convoluted when you take the test a couple of times. Abbie also admits that she thinks she changes a lot under different circumstances and when she is stressed she almost becomes a different person. She has always felt like a helper and in the end she might just take the test one more time to clarify it all. On top of this, 9s do often mistype, and it has been said that 9s commonly think they are every other type besides a 9! Some of the stereotypes about 9s are that they are timid and meek and more interested in listening than speaking. If you have watched The Office, Pam is a pretty classic 9 in most ways. Abagail is not altogether convinced by any of these results and even thinks she might still be a 3. Why don’t all of you let us know what you think about her type and which it might be? At this point we are even considering a live analysis!


  • Emylee and Abagail’s Types! [0:04:46.2]

  • Types, Wings and Figuring it All Out. [0:14:32.5]

  • Abagail’s Real Type! [0:20:06.3]


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