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Introducing Start with Services: A Course Guaranteed to Get You More Leads

Episode 332: Show Notes

Hey everybody and welcome to a really, really epic episode! We are so excited to share some amazing stuff with all of you today, we can barely control ourselves! Okay, so we have a brand new program that we are launching and it is probably the best thing that has ever existed, anywhere, at any time. It is called the Start with Services Program and we are going to be digging into all its great benefits and telling you exactly why you should be signing up yesterday. We do not say this lightly, you could just go straight over the website and sign up immediately, it's that good! So if you are interested in getting booked out in your business, which you obviously are, look no further!

332-post graphic.jpgThe thing that we have noticed is that most of you have amazing services, that is definitely not the problem. You have skills, ideas and all the rest in bucket loads. You know your craft and we would never claim to be able to teach you that side of things any better. We just want you to have more opportunities to share these gifts with more people and more clients.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Boss Project

The thing that we have noticed is that most of you have amazing services, that is definitely not the problem. You have skills, ideas and all the rest in bucket loads. You know your craft and we would never claim to be able to teach you that side of things any better. We just want you to have more opportunities to share these gifts with more people and more clients. That's where the program comes in, it will guarantee and we mean guarantee, you more leads. In fact you will most probably have more leads than you will know what to do with, so what are you waiting for?

Our Shared Business Philosophy

We feel it is very important to course correct a lot of you wonderful listeners. We truly believe every business, bar none, should start with services! It is just a faster way to grow and it will always be easier to convince one person to buy something a bit bigger and more expensive than many more people to buy something smaller and cheaper. In the end the difference between failure and success is action and you need the work you do and put in, to be working for you, not against you. So with all that said, how can we make your big dreams come true? What were the ways in which we, here at Boss Project, saw results early on? Well here is the truth; you have to build referrals into your business. The alternative is to go after this myth of the sexy online business with crazy social media and slick website. But as we keep saying in this show, we think that is the wrong way to go about it! It is slow and way more difficult and sometimes even impossible. We are here to show you the way to build a sustainable biz without the smoke and mirrors of the internet!

Thing We tell Ourselves About Our Businesses

You may be wondering why we are so fired up and passionate about this idea and why we keep harping on about it, episode after episode. The reason is that a lot of people who listen to this show are quite similar to us and we know how easy it can be to beat yourself up about your supposed failures or inadequacies. People like us often convince ourselves that we need to be working harder and harder all the time and we think the reason we are not experience our dream situation is because we are not doing enough. We might even start believing we are not good at what we do, but in fact it is just because we have the wrong strategy! The strategies we are proposing are not new, they are actually the oldest in the game and have been around since the beginning of business, commerce and exchange. We want you to take away the distraction and noise of the modern world and get results!


We believe every business should start with services!
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What You Can Learn in This Course

We have four main topics and checkpoints in Start with Services. You can aim for these tangible goals at your own pace and achieve them as fast as you want. The first of these will allow you to get 50 pre-qualified leads in less than 30 days without using ads or social media! We grew our service based business in this way and want you to have that same, strong foundation. You might be asking yourself how to find your first clients, what needs to be done on the backend before you are ready to get out there, which platform to use and what content is most necessary. This program will deliver you these dream clients, ready to buy in, spend and commit to you! Not every lead is a potential client but some of your leads will have other value. Some might be what we call connectors, who will be able to unlock opportunities for you that you never thought were possible. We want you to be able to see the big picture and this program is the roadmap to make these milestones easy to achieve. We will be going through how to pitch to each type of lead, automate your processes and getting things flowing on autopilot! Phase two includes setting up systems to get qualified leads and creating a double whammy referral engine that will have you gaining leads while you sleep.

What This Program Works For

Believe us when we say that these strategies will work for a lot of your goals, they will teach you to find those clients, who are often a lot closer than you think. Start with Services has ten different strategies for getting booked out that are broken down into tiny action steps so you can be achieving every day! Phase three of the program is about how you can sell your service with ease and becoming more comfortable with the sales process and money conversations. We will be teaching our exact pitch method, the one that has got us paid immediately in meetings. This happened because of the way we set up the meeting and how we approached these new clients. We also have a section on when and how to start paying yourself and the last phase of the program deals with generating 100k from your services! There is often so much fat that can be trimmed from what we do and as soon as you do that, you can start hitting those six figures!

Realizing Your Goals With Ease

Here at The Strategy Hour we had our own goals when we started out. We wanted a six figure business but at the same time we were not willing to sacrifice our lives for it. We still wanted our nights and weekends and to have time for friends and family and all that good stuff. There will always have to be some sacrifice but you can start your business embodying what you want it to be like in the future! We built this thing from the ground up, together, while living the same life that we always wanted and you can too. You have so much potential, if you just see it through there really is no limit. So get over to the Start With Services website and let's make it happen!


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