Life Updates: What Really Happens Outside of Boss Project

Episode 357: Show Notes

Today on the show we are giving you a little break from the norm and offering a few updates on things besides Boss Project. That's right, this episode is dedicated to all those things outside of work, although some of it is more work! We both have a lot going on behind the scenes, in our personal lives and we wanted to share some of what keeps us inspired, busy and our occupied when we are not doing our main thing! 

We both have a lot going on behind the scenes, in our personal lives and we wanted to share some of what keeps us inspired, busy and our occupied when we are not doing our main thing!  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Boss Project

This conversation includes a lot of life changes because that is what has been going on for both of us, personally. Hopefully, you will find it insightful, useful and show you just a little bit more of our world. We sure do love sharing it all with you, so let's go ahead and dive right in!

Abagail and Jared's Big Change!

At the beginning of July, Abagail's husband, Jared, left his full-time corporate job as an architect to work from home with her! So far it has been incredible, challenging, amazing and frustrating! He has a background in landscape architecture and most recently was designing sports stadiums. That all sounds quite glamorous but the intensity and politics of the corporate world can be a bit much, as most of us know. His first passion has always been for plants and he started getting involved in plants for essential oils and the behind-the-scenes work at Simply Home, Abagail's other biz, and now that he is working from home he can pursue these things full time! They both see his dedicated time as the best way to grow Simply Home and he has already been doing it for almost two months! Jared and Abagail have realized and experienced the need to balance business and marriage but at the same time, this new arrangement has allowed them to start dreaming together again. The couple have more time to think about what they want and more space for family and imagining an amazing future! Go, Abagail and Jared!

Emylee's Daughter's Schooling Situation and More Free Time

Since bringing up the subject of childcare a couple of weeks ago on the show, Emylee has had a huge response and is very grateful to all of you who reached out. her main thing here is for everyone to find what works for them, and to show up as the best parent, partner, and entrepreneur possible! Penny just started school again and everything is so exciting. She loves her new school, there are more friends and there is just so much going on to keep her busy and engaged! She is also busy from Monday to Friday now, leaving mommy to do all the other things she needs to do during the work week! Emylee has been on a long creative journey of figuring out what she likes to do apart from real work. As an enneagram 3, it is easy for her to not do something just for the sake of it. She always feels like she could be making a business out of everything and sees so much opportunity and challenge in ideas. As she has mentioned before, her new project is clay! It sometimes feels a lot like painting to her and she is having so much fun making and exploring the medium. She has even started to sell a few items from her website! It just feels so good to be back doing something creative and enjoyable.

Abagail's Unusual Journey with Weight-loss This Year

As anyone who follows Abagail's personal Instagram will have seen, she has lost 50 pounds this year! It has been a wonderful but bizarre journey and she has learned how much more simple it is to actually lose weight than diet culture would have you believe. However, it has been very emotionally challenging and a lot of weird feelings have come up about her body, she feels like her brain is trying to catch up with the physical changes and that this is actually a bit triggering! The last time she was at this weight was one of the most tumultuous times of her life and on top of that Abagail has started to believe that you might just store emotions in your fat cells! So while she has been happily shedding extra pounds, the release has felt strange and let's just say she has been a little all over the place!


We both have a lot going on behind the scenes, in our personal lives and we wanted to share some of what keeps us inspired and show you just a little bit more of our world.
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Emylee's Invisalign and Saving Money on Cushions and Fake Plants

If you had not already noticed during the episode, Emylee is struggling to pronounce some words beginning with 'S'. This is because of her brand new, second round with Invisalign! She realized she could get a hook-up on new trays from the company for free and managed to cash in just in time! So here is to free dental care within five years! It has been something she was loosely planning to get back to since the last treatment left her bottom teeth a bit crooked but the free offer made it very attractive to her and was just the impetus she needed. Abagail had a similar experience realizing she was eligible for free replacement cushions for her couch within two years — the couch she pretty much ruined sitting on every day while she was sick. So she is celebrating that little victory. Lastly, Emylee found a massive fake palm tree that was marked down 70% and was the last one, needless to say, she promptly purchased it and is now the proud mother of another fake houseplant!

The Child Fostering Process!

This is a bit of a big announcement, so get ready! Abagail and Jared are considering starting the fostering process! It is just early stages and it is really exciting and nerve-racking but she still wanted to share this juicy bit of news with all of y'all! She has a good friend who has been fostering two kids for about 9 months now and this has given her a closer look at the process. Another factor in the thought process was a recent leadership conference she attended where a speaker was talking about the strong links between children who age out without finding a home and issues such as crime, sex traffic, and homelessness. At the same time, Abagail does not want to enter into something like this with a white savior mentality, so she and her husband are just treading lightly and taking the time needed to go through everything. Abagail is pretty clear that they will go local and with the number of kids who need homes, she really believes in it, even if it is difficult to talk about. She promises to keep everyone updated on this process! To stay abreast of everything going on in both of our lives make sure you go follow our personal IG accounts for all that good, behind the scenes stuff!


  • Abagail and Jared's Big Change! [0:03:25.7] 

  • Emylee's Daughter's Schooling Situation and More Free Time. [0:08:55.3]

  • Abagail's Journey with Weight-loss This Year. [0:15:11.2]

  • Emylee's Invisalign and Saving Money on Cushions and Fake Plants. [0:21:12.8]

  • The Fostering Process! [0:28:20.7]




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