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Psychology Driven Brand Strategy and An Opt-in that 55k People Have Dived Into with Kaye Putnam

Episode 137: Show Notes

Today on the podcast we have Kaye Putnam. Kaye is is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with over a 100 clients, from Fortune 50’s to entrepreneurs, she developed the In Demand Brand method. She has had some crazy success though with her famous opt-in. 55,000 people have taken her psychology quiz all about branding and y’all need to take it too. Inside this episode, all three of us nerd out pretty hardcore. We talk about the psychology behind understanding your competition and establishing your brand presence. We uncover a couple of the most popular archetypes and the least popular ones.

Today on the podcast we have Kaye Putnam. Kaye is is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with over a 100 clients, from Fortune 50’s to entrepreneurs, she developed the In Demand Brand method. She has had some crazy success though with her famous opt-in. 55,000 people have taken her psychology quiz all about branding and y’all need to take it too.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

Kaye brings to the conversation a different way of looking at your brand, your messaging and what you’re serving to your clients based off what you are actually best at and who you are as a human being, which is the easiest and best thing to do, right? Of course, we also talk about her quiz, the strategy behind how she set that up, how she has collected the leads and what it’s meant for her financially. This a good one to listen to just to uncover a little bit more about yourself and how you can use that to craft your brand messaging to your benefit.

Kaye’s Journey of Discovering Her Business Archetype

Kaye got started online by doing what a lot of people do. Kaye is a researcher, a geek and a nerd at her core so she decided to look out to market to see what the really successful business and entrepreneurs were doing, hoping to see similar results in her own business. This led her down the rabbit hole of reading tons of blog posts, attending crazy amounts of webinars, and building her brand. She got really disheartened when she wasn’t seeing the results that everyone else was seeing, despite following the strategies to a T. One day in a weird Internet rabbit hole, Kaye stumbled on a website about branding. It listed 12 archetypes, which she found were perfectly matched up to the successful entrepreneurs she had been following. In the moment, she realized she had to be more of herself instead of trying to emulate what everybody else was doing. That’s how archetypes came into Kaye’s world.

Breaking Down the Psychology Quiz for Our Brand

After making the realization that she needed to be more of herself in her business, Kaye went on a search to find a way to determine her own business archetype. On her hunt to find a quiz, she discovered that it would be so much better to simply design a quiz herself. In essence, the quiz was created because Kaye needed it herself. The quiz is super unique and asks questions from the perspective of understanding how your brand would answer them. When Emylee took the quiz for the TCC brand, the results totally broke the quiz algorithms. Our brand’s archetypes were Maverick and Magician. The Maverick is someone who is willing to go against the status quo and to speak out against pieces of your industry that aren’t working. You are the one who will say things that are one everyone’s mind, but that they are a bit nervous to say. The Magician is all about change and transformation. It’s all about taking somebody from a before place and giving them dramatic results, essentially fast-forwarding them to their future.

Using Archetypes As a Brand Filter

For Kaye, her favorite way to use archetypes, in general, is as a filter. We are multi-faceted human beings and there are tons of aspects of your personality that come into play. That is exactly where your archetype comes in. It acts as a powerful filter that you can check yourself against. Whenever you are creating copy or even naming your products and services, you can see if those themes are showing up. This is absolutely key in helping you to portray a consistent brand. We are always focusing in on a primary archetype, but because we like to keep things interesting we always choose a secondary archetype too, which adds some more flavor and dimension to the brand. A lot of the emotional results people get from really embracing their archetypes is just simply a sigh of relief, understanding that who their brand is is actually an amazing strength.


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Attracting Your Tribe by Leaning Into Your Archetype

We all have those things we think we are too much of, or not enough of. An example that Kaye uses with her clients is to use the story reversal exercise where you have to list out all the reasons why whatever you think you are “too much of” is a really powerful selling point for your business. This brings such a transformational realization and an absolute mindset shift to embrace who your brand is, and shout it out from the rooftops. Lean into it and completely doubledown to implement it into your business strategy on every level. One of the best strategies is to identify successful business with your same archetype, which will result in much better and much more impactful on-brand inspiration, even from those billion-dollar brands!

Creating a Super Successful Opt-In Quiz

One of the smartest things Kaye did when she started her quiz was that she included big-name entrepreneurs in her industry that were amazing examples of each archetype and then she emailed it to them. A lot of them thought it was absolutely great, which is what got Kaye her first couple of thousand opt-ins, creating a big jolt of activity right away. It was a great way to involve influencers in an authentic and interesting way while also letting them know that they had been included. To date, over 60,000 people have taken Kaye’s quiz. When creating a quiz, you want to make sure the results are super complimentary. People should be delighted with the results and willing to share it with others. So find a way, even if you’re helping to pinpoint someone’s problem, to spin it in a positive way if getting organic shares is part of your strategy. If not, people just won’t share it. Also, be mindful of the quiz topic; it is a lot more beneficial to create a quiz that tells the person more about themselves as opposed to you trying to tell them something about your product or service.

Embracing the Natural Shift in Your Business

Of the 60,000 people who have taken the quiz, Kaye has converted 64% into leads. In terms of list-growth, over the last three years upwards to 30,000 people have joined the list at one point or another. Although the quiz was super successful, Kaye wanted to branch out her niche so she was not only known for brand archetypes. However, the more she tried different things, the more she realized that sticking to her initial success is the absolute best strategy for her business. So she made the mindset shift and finally “obeyed the quiz” by embracing it as her go-to opt-in. She even created archetype-specific courses to further personalize each of her brand messages, suited to every individual who takes the quiz. When you learn to embrace the part of you that other people find most valuable, you can find success much more rapidly.

Lessons Learned From Working With Fortune 50 Clients

When working with giant companies, everything moves so much slower. They have their hands in the pot, making decisions and approving things, which can often make it really difficult to work with such large teams. For Kaye, she really loves working with the CEO because they are the person driving it. They are doing it because they’re passionate and it’s their baby. When working with these bigger teams, you absolutely need more people to do more work. On top of that, you need more leads to fill all of the big product launches so you are definitely spending more on marketing and affiliate programs. One of the biggest things that Kaye learned working for this big scale companies is that the goal for most entrepreneurs (including herself!) is to work with fewer clients, but to do better work and make more money. The best thing about building your brand is that you get to charge more. You command a higher price by building your brand because it’s an asset that adds value on top of whatever your product or service is.


  • Hear the story of how archetypes first came into Kaye’s world and her journey to discovering more of herself. [0:04:12.1]
  • Breaking down the psychology quiz results for the TCC brand. [0:07:30.1]
  • Applying your archetype to create a consistent brand message across the board. [0:13:55.1]
  • Implementing the story reversal method to lean into your brand and fully embrace it. [0:17:51.1]
  • How to create a super successful and engaging opt-in quiz for your brand. [0:21:15.1]
  • Learning to listen to your business and embrace the part of yourself that others find most valuable. [0:30:10.1]
  • Lessons learned from working with Fortune 50 clients and how the entrepreneur trajectory differs. [0:38:47.1]

#TalkStrategyToMe [0:47:53.6]

  1. Take the quiz and determine your primary and secondary archetype.

  2. Go through your brand and apply your archetypes.

  3. Do the “I Believe” exercise to fuel your brand visibility and message.


Kaye Putnam

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Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with 100+ clients from Fortune 50’s to entrepreneurs, she developed the In Demand Brand method. She believes in pursuing big audacious dreams and entrepreneurship is the key to freedom. When you have a clear brand, your clients love, respect and are willing to pay premium prices for your work. Waking up to leads in your inbox every day from people who are eager to work with you is amazing! She works with students in her Brand New Brand incubation program and with clients 1-on-1. When she’s not transforming brand strategy and websites, she’s exploring the world with her husband and two little ones. They love eating their way across their home of Naples, Italy.


  • Business archetypes.

  • TCC brand archetype.

  • Using your archetype.

  • Story reversal technique.

  • Successful opt-in.

  • Embracing your value.

  • Fortune 50 clients.




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