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Rock Your Biz Babe: Boost Productivity and Build Sustainable Freaking Systems for Your Business

Episode 112: Show Notes

Rock Your Biz is back! The doors are open and we can’t wait to tell you all about this game-changing opportunity starting on September 25th. Rock Your Biz is a five-week online course for overwhelmed creatives who want to build a productive, sustainable, and profitable system inside their businesses. We are recording this episode in the middle of the Rock Your Biz launch so that you can get a taste for what it’s all about, what’s inside, what you’re going to tackle, as well as what this program can do for you and what it’s done for thousands of creative entrepreneurs around the globe.

Rock Your Biz is back! The doors are open and we can’t wait to tell you all about this game-changing opportunity starting on September 25th. Rock Your Biz is a five-week online course for overwhelmed creatives who want to build a productive, sustainable, and profitable system inside their businesses. We are recording this episode in the middle of the Rock Your Biz launch so that you can get a taste for what it’s all about, what’s inside, what you’re going to tackle, as well as what this program can do for you and what it’s done for thousands of creative entrepreneurs around the globe.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

Inside this episode we will be discussing the course framework, giving real life examples of how this course has helped others and giving you an outline of the course from week one through week five. Even if you are already enrolled, this episode will give you a framework of what to expect in the coming weeks as you go through the program. If you want to enroll you can go to where you will find a ton of information. Enrollment is open for just a few more days, so sign up now and get ready to go from a frazzled hot mess to a master of systems with the Rock Your Biz Course. Take a listen and no “but’s”!

What The Heck Is Rock Your Biz?

Rock Your Biz is a five-week online course for overwhelmed creatives who want to build productive, sustainable and profitable system inside their businesses. We are literally walking you through the systems that you need in place to set goals that are attainable, to look at your actual numbers and go after things… like your big, shiny Oprah dreams. Then we’re going into the meat and potatoes of pricing, selling and how to get your stuff out into the world so that you can be a profitable biz, babe. There is a really big chunk of this program dedicated to the business of aligning your goals and making your action steps in a way that’s going to bring you money. It’s those strategies and frameworks that really set the foundation for what’s inside Rock Your Biz. It’s the early methodologies of becoming a money making creative. Regardless of where you are in business, you have so many ideas going on and you are constantly inspired, but you are just overwhelmed with how to put it in place so that it’s accomplishable. Right? The bigger your business gets the more complicated it gets. So how do you manage all of that information? We want to help you get this stuff in order so that you can see the big picture and go after what you truly want. But we are not ignoring the fact that you just have shit you need to get done today in your business, and we want all of those daily tasks - the nitty gritty – in harmony with your bigger picture and making them work together so you are doing a little bit of both constantly. And that, we believe, is really key to any successful business and at the core of this program.

How This Program Will Help Fast Track Your Business

Some of the women who have come to us have really had no business plan in place. Chelsea came through the program with just an idea, set her three month goals, and within five weeks – was crushing it. That’s fast-tracking at its finest! Megan had a super established business. But she was straight up plateauing, if not slowly failing. We came in, gave her the boost she needed and her business just exploded. And that’s what Rock Your Biz does – it’s the powerhouse your business needs to manage your creative stuff. The “stuff” that you’re hoping your creative talent will create for you. Because that’s a profitable business. That’s a sustainable business.

One woman who came to us had lost a lot of hope as she had not been able to reach her desired Instagram following. We showed her how to look at her figures, growth in sales, her customers, and she reached six figures almost instantly. It’s important not to worry about the vanity numbers and focus on your profit and your goals. If traffic on your website is dipping, for example, but your sales are increasing, then so what? This is one of the things this program helps you with – looking at your business from a different angle.

Planning For Profit And Looking Your Numbers Dead In The Eye

We love the confidence boost that a lot of our students get from our programs. Because they’ve been running from numbers for so long, when we finally force them to crunch them – and we make it a little fun and a little sexy – they actually realize the amazing progress that they’ve made. Are you taking your ideas and turning them into something that is truly going to impact the growth of your business? So many people go in blind because they are scared to look at the numbers in the business. That is one of the things we want to tackle in these five weeks – not just the financial numbers but your analytics, your growth, and everything that’s impacting it from the value of your customer to having subscribers on your mailing list in order for it to be profitable. So many people run their business blind but, in fact, if you just took a step back and look at what’s available to you, based on your data, then this is what’s possible. This is what you can attain. You are in control of those things and we want to help you leverage that.


Rock Your Biz is the power house your business needs to manage your creative stuff.
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The Power of Community In Business Success

A lot of people out there are searching for that buddy system. But not everybody is able to have a business partner and sometimes it can be difficult to have no one there to bounce ideas off. So we have created a kind of incubator for our students in this program. Over the course of five weeks, not only will you be hearing from us, but you will have access to a community that is around forever. So you will have this group of sisters who are going through the program with you and a place where you can get a helping hand. We are going to be posting daily prompts inside that group that are going to ask you questions about the material you are going through. Have you shared your results, a link, a screen grab of what you’re working on? This is so that you can get direct feedback. Inside the group, the alumni will be waiting for you too. We also invite guest experts to pop in live and help you with advice and tactics. And you will always have that community to rely on, forever and ever.

Are you ready to be a rockstar? So many people aren’t ready to take this on and we want to drop the mindset that you’re not good enough, or you’re broken or that these things aren’t going to work for you. You have the knowledge and the skill set to be successful and you just need help tapping into them. We’ve literally helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs from across the globe employ this framework into their business and helped them achieve success. We just want to help you through this and build you up with this community platform, resources and the support you need.

What Happens In Week One: The Follow Through Method

The first two weeks are spent diving into the method we call The Follow Through Method. This is really about goal planning and strategic executing for profit. This is the foundation we start off with to take your current hot mess workload and turn it into something achievable. So really asking yourself hard questions about where you’re spending your time and energy and whether those things are working for you, what’s effective, what’s profitable and what isn’t so we can really just cut the crap that’s not working. You’re going to uncover our favorite way of looking at and planning your goals – so what do we talk about and look at at the end of every year? On a quarterly basis, and on a month-to-month basis in order to grow and make sure that the things we want to accomplish in our business get broken down so they seem achievable and doable, instead of scary and overwhelming. We also talk about mindset. In order to make this into a profitable and sustainable business, especially for creatives, we need to talk about your hobby, your side hustle, your full-time job, your kids, your husband. We really ask you, “so what?”. Because we all really like to test out all of our “but’s” and excuses and that’s a really big piece of what’s holding us back.

What Happens In Week Two: Tweak And Repeat

In week two we are just helping you take those strategies and make sure you’re planning for the future. We want you to drop everything you’ve ever thought about planning in advance and try it our way. Another method we teach in this week is Tweak and Repeat. The idea is simple, you tweak the things that worked to make them better, then you drop the things that don’t work, and repeat the things that do work. But how do you know what works? How do you know what to repeat and when to repeat it? So we really dive into that in week two.

What Happens In Week Three And Four: Pricing & Selling

In week three we delve into the profit aspect. Up until this point, we’ve planned and mapped out what you can do in your business. We’ve broken everything down, we’ve seen what’s doable and figured out what your system can look like right now. Now, how are you going to make money? We can talk about launching all day long, but if you’re launching the wrong thing for the wrong price, it’s still going to fail. So in this week, we literally talk about what you can charge for your products, services, whatever it is, in order to reach your financial goals. In week four, we go into selling and the psychological ways to understand what your audience wants, so that you can create products that they are going to buy. Then we figure out how to structure them on your website, your pricing guide, in your shop, how to talk about them. All of that icky money talk, we’re ironing it out in week four.

What Happens In Week Five: The Conversion Mindset

Pricing and planning is going to set you straight up for diving into week five. At this point you’ll be able to at least get a feel for what is working and what is not working, what your most profitable product is and whether there is something that’s profitable that you haven’t even been paying attention to. When you start looking at the numbers, you might be a bit surprised. So we’re going to walk you through how to do that, where to find these numbers and how you look at them. And we even unlock things like, “What is the value of your customer?” and “What are the things you need to start tracking so that you can make these decisions like a boss?”

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!

We wanted to create bonus content that will help you dive into the modules and the lessons even further. So our first bonus is the Price Like A Boss. We have actual worksheets that you can print off, e-books, downloads, and guides for you to go through to help you plug and play your math to spit out formulas and numbers for you. The Profitability Tracker is an Excel worksheet that Abby walks you through, showing you how to fill in and update it so that you can work out what to pay yourself. They’re super simple and they’re pretty... because we made them. We also have The Money Talk Swipe File bonus. So many of you don’t know how talk about pricing. If you don’t know what to say or how to talk about pricing with your clients? Emylee will give you all the words that you can just copy and paste!

Another bonus is that we are giving you access to three or four workshops to help you go through tax information, branding, trading, and contracts with our attorney friend, Christina Scalera. Everything you need to help you get legal and have a sound business to get off the ground. We are also gifting you a free month of our favorite programs ConvertKit, Smarter Cue and Tailwind! These are big key players in our game to help us automize our biz. However, our most epic bonus is the Accountability and Group Coaching. This includes five, 90-minute, group coaching sessions with us during the module.

Either way, your business is on the brink of change. You’re talented enough, but the business side could probably use a little help and that’s what we’re really good at. So we would love to welcome you into this course with open arms! Starting September 25th, at Are you ready to be a rockstar?


  • What the heck is Rock Your Biz, and why should you listen up? [0:03:09.1]
  • How this program will help fast track your business and examples of women in business who have been through our programs. [0:08:18.1]
  • Planning for profit and how analyzing your data puts you in control of your business. [0:10:47.1]
  • The power of community for every Rock Your Biz student to help them reach success. [0:16:20.1]
  • An overview of week one of the Rock Your Biz Program and what to expect. [0:21:03.1]
  • Tweak And Repeat: the main goal and strategy for week two of Rock Your Biz. [0:22:03.1]
  • What happens in week three and four: Pricing & Selling. [0:25:27.1]
  • The Conversion Mindset: a week five overview and strategies for changing your business mindset. [0:28:24.1]
  • Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses, and more! Find out what we have in store for you all. [0:30:37.1]



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