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This Myth About Overwhelm Has Us Fired Up

Episode 276: Show Notes

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of your favorite biz podcast! Here at the Strategy Hour we always hope to give you the best advice, tools, and inspiration to get that business of yours popping and today is no different. This episode is all about a certain myth that has us a bit hot under the collar and we want nothing more than to dispel it! It goes something along the lines of not being able to reach your goals because of being overwhelmed by too much content and too many things to do. Now, we know this feeling, so don’t think it’s just you! But we are also here to tell you, get off your backside and start working because it is just not true and it is certainly no excuse to not put in the work!

So today we are going to be putting this myth to rest and giving you the fire and energy to go and get out of that overwhelmed funk! Okay? Great! We’ll be talking about how to interact with resources and content in an effective way and connect the dots between your to do list and the strategies you hear about. We implore you again and again to take action, a constant reminder throughout the episode, so take heed! And don’t worry, we also get into how we have slipped up in these ways over the past year and talk about some of the missteps we took in this regard. An important takeaway is the idea of co-working and accountability groups, something we have used — especially when starting out — to great effect. We finish off the chat thinking about ways to simplify your business and identifying your KPIs and critical numbers. So let’s get right into it!

The Myth About Overwhelm and Using Content as an Excuse

In a world that is now so full of resources and content it is not difficult to become distracted by these. We are all too familiar with this feeling ourselves but really what you need to do is be honest with yourself. Are you struggling with content overload or are you using it as an excuse to not do what you need to do? There is also the danger of taking in useful information but only on a surface level and then not applying it. You could be sitting on a golden nugget of strategies but if you are stuck in inaction what good is it? We all need to connect these dots between out content and our goals. Success means using these strategies and information to get things done! A great way to start moving and get yourself out of a static phase is to break down your tasks into achievable chunks and the worst thing you can do is to take a hiatus or just drop everything. Then nothing will change and you just drop the ball. During this past year we noticed two ways in which we were falling prey to this same problem. First we hired someone to fix something that we felt we could not do ourselves and when this did not work out we did not take any action and just sat in the static and did not move. The lesson here is to not rely on other people or systems too much and to stop letting you business happen to you!


I feel like there is an underlying thing about overwhelm that we have turned into truth and I think it is a myth and I think that is something that is holding us back.
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Discerning Good Content from Bad

With so much information coming your way there are times when it can be difficult to gauge the quality of advice immediately. The online business space is crowded and is only increasing, so without testing the results of a certain set of tactics it is hard to know if something is right for you or not. Filtering fact from fiction can be a challenge and there is no real answer to this problem other than to stick to what you know you can trust. Our Goal Crusher Club can be very helpful in this regard if you are familiar with our work and trust our legitimacy as biz leaders! It is not just pretty and good looking, it is really helpful and you know we have tried and tested all of these formulas ourselves and only pass on the best to our community. We really suggest you give these resources some attention and give it a good go. We’ve got your back!

The Gift of Co-working, Virtual Offices, and Taking Control

Another great suggestion we have for all of you is something we have touched on many times before. The support system of virtual offices, buddies and accountability groups. These mean while you are finding your way, you do not have to do it alone. They offer focus and camaraderie and we really want this for you! Some people who are in these sort of setups do not even work together or even in the same field. It can just be a friend or a group that helps each other out and keeps one another motivated. This ties back into the resources of our Goal Crusher Club, again, make use of it! We have seen time and again how it is possible to convince ourselves that other, more successful businesses somehow got there without any of the hard work, wrong girl! Stop blaming and start doing! Think about what you can control and get done and get moving with that instead of looking for excuses on why you are not seeing results!

Staying on Top of Your Biz and Keeping It Simple

The worksheets that are available in the Goal Crusher Club can help you clarify a lot of things and one of the most important is to know your numbers. If you are clear on your stats you can be clear on your goals and the more clarity you have the better your work will feel. Remember, keep it simple and do not over complicate things. There is usually one number in your business that can help you determine the rates of other things. For us it is the number of new students we have enrolled. This number determines a lot of other patterns and numbers and if it is looking good, usually everything else does too. What is this number for you? Do the deep dive on your figures and work it out! The resources in the Goal Crusher Club will help you on this journey. This does not mean that success is one dimensional or determined by one thing, but it can be a great indicator of your whole picture and a place to start. So get going, let’s see those results!


  • The Myth About Overwhelm and Using Content as an Excuse. [0:04:58.3]

  • Ways That We Have Reacted to Overwhelm This Year. [0:11:40.7]

  • Discerning Good Content from Bad. [0:14:39.3]

  • The Gift of Co-working, Virtual Offices, and Taking Control. [0:22:20.1]

  • Staying on Top of Your Biz and Keeping It Simple. [0:28:20.6]



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